Where Do Frogs Go In The Winter?

Amphibians have survived through numerous harsh natural events and weather conditions, even though they thrive in warmer seasons. Frogs are often abundant in various locations throughout the year but seem to go missing during cold seasons, leading many animal lovers to wonder where frogs may go during the Winter.  Generally, aquatic frogs go under decaying … Read more

Are Cane Toads Poisonous?

Amphibians are incredibly diverse and fascinating creatures, but many species can pose risks for humans and animals. Cane Toads have become quite a problem worldwide, and they are classified as an invasive species. However, their invasive nature is not the only concern, and they can be harmful to the surrounding lifeforms.  Cane Toads are highly … Read more

How Do Frogs Get In The House?

Having amphibians in the neighborhood can be incredibly beneficial for wildlife and ecosystems. However, it can be fairly frustrating to find these creatures wandering your home. These occurrences can perplex animal lovers and amphibian enthusiasts, leaving them to wonder just how frogs manage to get inside.  Frogs can enter houses through small openings such as … Read more

Why Do Frogs Have Webbed Feet?

Different species of frogs tend to differ in terms of certain aspects depending on their environment and their natural habitat. But one of the physical traits that you may notice that is quite common among different frogs is that they have webbed feet. Aquatic frogs generally have webbed feet for swimming, while some tree frogs … Read more

Does Salt Kill Frogs?

It is well-known that frogs generally inhabit freshwater spaces, such as ponds, marshes, and inland water bodies. My grandmother had frogs on her property and, to my dismay, would use salt to deter them from coming back. Using salt has become a popular method for deterring frogs. However, many amphibian lovers wonder if salt could … Read more

Frog Mythology: Everything There is to Know

Frogs have many different meanings in mythology from good luck, to bad luck, good fortune to misfortune. Since frogs are not always understood by the average person, they are the basis for many urban legends and myths. I have heard many of them myself as a child, including “toads can give you warts” and “kissing … Read more

Frog Love: Everything There is to Know

Amphibians flaunt some undeniably impressive characteristics and traits, which have inspired many forms of artwork, media, illustrations, and photos in modern culture. There has been a flood of imagery and concepts of frog couples, leading many enthusiasts to wonder if frogs can fall in love.  Frogs are solitary creatures that do not fall in love. … Read more

Where Do Tree Frogs Go In The Winter?

One of the things that I learned when I was young is that all frogs are cold-blooded animals, meaning that their body temperature fluctuates based on their environment. I live in Canada and temperatures can easily reach -40° during the Winter. Despite the harsh cold, frogs still come out and thrive in the Spring. So … Read more

10 Frogs You Can Find In California

Despite the dry, hot temperatures and salty coastal waters, California is home to over 50 different amphibious creatures including frogs, toads, and salamanders. Among these amphibians, frogs are the most widespread. As a general rule, California is home to a wide variety of frogs including California Tree Frogs, American Bullfrogs, Pacific Tree Frogs, California Red-Legged … Read more

Are Frogs And Toads Different?

When I was a kid I loved toads, but I always got frog-related gifts on my birthday. Everybody knows what a frog is, but few people know why toads are any different. Too often, the words frog and toad are used interchangeably, yet they are not the same species. All toads are frogs, yet frogs … Read more