Where Do Toads Go In The Winter?

Amphibians can survive in various climates and conditions, but they are universally vulnerable to extreme colds. Toads are easy to find during the Spring and Summer, but they seem to go missing during Winters. Their sudden disappearance leaves animal lovers and enthusiasts to wonder where they go during the coldest season of the year. Toads … Read more

Frogs vs Salamanders: Similarities and Differences

Amphibians are incredibly diverse, including different types of animals with various physical and behavioural traits. While frogs and salamanders have many similarities, they also have numerous differences that make each animal type unique. Frogs and salamanders have similar skin profiles, diets, thermoregulation, and amphibian lifestyles, but, they differ in body shape, physical features, abilities, and … Read more

How Many Tadpoles Survive?

Frogs lay eggs in substantial quantities, typically ranging within the hundreds to several thousands. While laying large numbers of eggs helps have a drastic impact on species continuation overall, only a small fraction of tadpoles survive long enough to develop into mature adults capable of reproduction.  Approximately 2% of frog eggs become tadpoles, 0.8% of … Read more

When Do Frogs Come Out Of Hibernation?

Frogs are cold-blooded animals that rely on the heat of the environment to keep themselves warm. This is one reason why frogs are so prevalent in warmer environments. At the same time, this is also the reason why frogs hibernate during the winter when the temperatures become too cold for them to survive. Frogs generally … Read more

How Long Do Pet Frogs Live?

Amphibians are incredibly diverse concerning their average lifespans. Their lifespans are generally affected by their health and wellbeing from their formative years into adulthood, and most frogs have longer lifespans when properly cared for in captivity.  Frogs kept in captivity generally live 10 to 20 years, but their lifespans depend on the species, size, gender, … Read more

How Fast Are Frogs?

Amphibians are well-known for their ability to traverse land and water in various stages of their lives, but their overall speed is shrouded with questions. Frogs are incredibly diverse, and their physical features and their age, primary habitat, and species generally influences their capacity for movement and speed. Frogs can reach an average top speed … Read more

How Do Toads Drink Water?

Amphibians flaunt a range of physical traits and features, many of which allow them to perform key bodily functions in unique ways – like drinking. Contrary to aquatic frogs that live most of their lives in water, toads live on land, and you will never see amphibians licking up water like cats or dogs to … Read more

15 Types Of Frogs You Can Find In Texas

Frogs are abundant in various parts of the United States, and Texas is home to a wide range of amphibian species. With so many fascinating frogs to find in the wild, it can become challenging to differentiate one species from another. Texas is inhabited by the Blanchard’s Cricket Frog, Canyon Tree Frog, Cope’s Gray Tree … Read more

Can You Use Tadpoles As Bait?

This content is provided for information purposes only and is not legal advice. See our Terms for more information. Fishermen and anglers alike have long been using live bait when catching fish because of how much more realistic and natural it is for frogs to chomp down on live prey. However, while using worms and other similar … Read more

11 Types of Frogs You can Find in Ontario

Ontario is home to many different frog species despite the harsh Winter weather. The vast majority of the frogs that can be found in Ontario are located in South and Eastern parts of the province, yet many can also be found province-wide. You can generally find 13 different frog species across Ontario including terrestrial, arboreal, … Read more