Is Frog Pee Dangerous To Humans?

Many inquisitive amphibian enthusiasts have handled various frog species at some point, and these interactions can result in frogs peeing out of fear. While frog urine is not considered a major threat to human health and wellbeing, there are still a few risks to consider, irrespective of the frog species.  Frog pee may contain harmful … Read more

Do Toads Have Tadpoles?

It is well-known that most amphibians begin their life cycles in water. But, there are some differences and individual cases where certain species do not transform into tadpoles. This has led many animal lovers and amphibian enthusiasts to wonder if toads have tadpoles like frogs and other amphibians. Most toad species lay eggs, which develop … Read more

How do Frogs Digest Food?

How Frogs Eat-min

Amphibians typically feast on live prey in the wild and have unique methods concerning their consumption methods. These special feeding habits and behaviors have left plenty of animal lovers wondering how frogs digest their food.  Frogs eat live prey, which travels to the stomach via the esophagus and dies by drowning in stomach acid or … Read more

How Do Frogs Drink?

Amphibians boast a wide range of physical traits and characteristics, many of which allow them to perform bodily functions in unique ways. Frogs often sit in water but never appear to drink from these water bodies. This has led amphibian enthusiasts and animal lovers to wonder if frogs need to consume water and how they … Read more

Do Frogs Have Gills?

Amphibians undergo numerous metamorphic changes, many of which concern their respiratory systems. Since frogs spend part of their lives on land and in water, many amphibian enthusiasts wonder if frogs have gills for breathing underwater. Frogs have gills as tadpoles during the first 12 weeks of their lives when they primarily live in water. However, … Read more

Can Frogs Get Rabies?

Dangerous viruses and transmissible diseases have been around for ages, and rabies is one of the deadliest known infections. Although rabies is fairly rare in humans, the risk of contracting the virus from infected animals still leaves plenty of room for concern and fear amongst animal lovers. But not all animals contract and spread the … Read more

What Do Frogs Need To Survive?

Although frogs are incredibly skillful survivors, they still have specific needs for ensuring their happiness and health over time. Their habitat’s surroundings and provisions play a crucial role in their wellbeing, and many animal lovers wonder what aspects frogs need most to live their lives to the fullest. Frogs need sufficient and suitable food sources, … Read more

Are Frogs Reptiles?

Frogs flaunt a range of traits and behaviors, many of which are similar to reptiles. These similarities have led many animal lovers to wonder if frogs are classified as reptiles or if they belong to another animal group.  Frogs are not reptiles but are amphibians that have a gill-breathing larval stage (water) and lung-breathing adult … Read more

Do Frogs Play Dead?

Baby American Toad Playing Dead-min

Amphibians use various survival tactics in the wild, ranging from inherent genetic traits to interesting behaviors and habits. Frogs often appear to be dead but leap back to life after a short time frame. These odd occurrences have led many animal lovers to wonder if frogs play dead. Frogs may play dead if they have … Read more

Are Toads Poisonous To Humans?

Many of us have heard that touching a toad will give you warts. Although this is not true, this saying is predominantly meant to deter young and inquisitive enthusiasts from interacting with toads for their safety. While not all toads can pose serious risks for amphibian lovers, some toads can be severely toxic to humans. … Read more