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Daniella filming a toad for this site 🙂

Welcome to toadsnfrogs.com! I’m Daniella, the Master Herpetologist who founded this website. With the help of other Master Herpetologists, trained vets, and passionate frog lovers, I am dedicated to educating the general population on frogs by meeting them where they are in their Google Search.

Learn more about our mission and frogs in this interview with @foxrunecc:

Interview with Daniella of Toads N Frogs: Your Questions Answered

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The Ultimate Frog Guide

I love frogs and they have been part of my life since I found one for the first time in my backyard as a child. I am excited to share …

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Are Frogs Good or Bad for The Garden ?

Knowing if frogs are good or bad for your garden largely depends on your own personal opinion. Some people just do not like frogs or want them around their house. …

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Can Frogs Breathe Underwater?

It’s well-known that frogs live both on land and in water since they begin their lives as fully aquatic tadpoles and develop into semi-aquatic adults. But, how they manage to …

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Frog Eggs Everything There is to Know-min

Frog Eggs: Everything There is to Know

Frog eggs are wonderful and complex embryos that transform into incredible tadpoles. The first time I saw frog eggs when I was a kid I thought it was a bunch …

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Tap Water Frogs-min

Will Tap Water Kill Frogs?

Although frogs are incredibly adept at surviving in various environments, their primary weakness is their highly sensitive and pourous skin. This weakness has led many amphibian enthusiasts to wonder what …

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Tadpole what eat-min

What Do Tadpoles Eat?

Watching tadpoles eat can be a fun and educational activity. But if you are planning on feeding them, knowing what they eat is essential for their survival. Feeding them the …

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Frog College-min

Do Colleges Allow Pet Frogs?

Going to college is an incredibly exciting opportunity, but animal lovers may question whether or not they will be able to live on campus without their beloved pet frog. Thankfully, …

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List of Non-Poisonous Frog Species

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife, and a certificate in Master Herpetology and have learned about poisonous and non-poisonous frog species during my studies for school. …

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Obese Frog: Why & What to Do

Obesity is very common in the captive animal and pet worlds among multiple species, including frogs. An obese animal is classified as being overweight with larger fat pads and deposits. …

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Can Frogs Get ICH?

This article was written by Melissa M. who holds a Bachelors of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, and a Master Herpetologist certificate. The article was edited and published by …

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How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool

Frogs are attracted to water, and a worst-case scenario is for them to see your pool as their next home. Even though they do not pose significant health risks to …

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Frog Colors: Everything There is to Know

Frogs come in many colors, and in a time with so many fake social media images, it may be hard to know what is real and what is fake. Like …

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Why Are My Tadpoles Dying?

If you have a pond at home and you are looking to raise your own frogs all the way from tadpoles, you need to make sure that your tadpoles are …

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21 Most Popular Pet Frog Species

As a former pet frog-mom, previous exotic pet store clerk, and now as vet assistant in an exotic veterinary clinic, I have seen a wide variety of amazing pet frog …

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What Supplements do Pet Frogs Need?

As a former pet frog owner and as an active vet assistant in an exotic veterinary clinic, I can assure you that captive pet frogs need supplements. Many of the pet …

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Frog Not Eating: What to Do?

Sometimes animals stop eating, my frog did the same. When it happens to your pet frog, you should assess what reasons it isn’t eating and how long it has been …

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How Many Tadpoles Survive?

Frogs lay eggs in substantial quantities, typically ranging within the hundreds to several thousands. While laying large numbers of eggs helps have a drastic impact on species continuation, overall, only …

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What Kind of Substrate Can You Use for Pet Frogs?

I have worked at an exotic pet store, in a zoo, and at an exotic veterinary clinic, so I can assure you that frogs need specific substrate depending on the species. I …

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Can You Take a Frog to The Vet?

As a previous exotic pet store clerk and now as a vet assistant in an exotic veterinary clinic, I can assure you that you absolutely can take your pet frog to the …

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Frog Sounds-min

When Do Frogs Stop Croaking?

If it is frog mating season where you live, you can probably hear frogs croaking out in the fields and around your home. I live in Eastern Canada and the …

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What to do frog bite-min

Do Frogs Bite? (What to Do)

Frog bites are a rare occurrence that can cause surprise, fear, and sometimes panic. Luckily, frog bites generally do very little harm, and treatment is easy. Still, there are some …

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Frogging, Frog Hunting & Gigging Rules (USA)

This Article Was Last Updated in February 2023. This content is provided for information purposes only. See our Terms for more information. I love to eat frog legs, but for a frog …

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African Dwarf Frog Facts

African Dwarf Frogs are made up of several different species that are common in the global pet trade. They have several adaptations unique to the anuran family they are grouped …

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Reasons Not Have Pet Frog-min

Are Frogs Good Pets?

Many pet websites that make the bulk of their income selling you pet frog accessories will tell you that you should have a pet frog. Although I love frogs, I …

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What Toads Look Like Eggs-min

Toad Eggs: Everything There is to Know

As a kid, I loved going out looking for toads and I always thought it was pretty easy to find toad eggs. Compared to frog eggs, fish eggs, and salamander …

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Spindly Leg Syndrome: Reasons & Treatment

As someone who works as a zookeeper and is studying to be an exotic veterinary technician, amphibians diseases and ailments are a large concern and interest for me. Learning the …

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Natural Frog Repellant-min

5 Natural Frog Repellents That Work

I love having frogs in my yard because they act as a natural mosquito repellant, but I understand that many people do not want them around. This especially makes sense …

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Xeno Xenomorph Frog Real-min

Is The Alien Xenomorph Frog Real?

You may have seen memes and images of an alien-looking “xenomorph frog” online and may be wondering if it actually exists. As a Master Herpetologist specializing in frogs, I can …

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10 Important Rules of Frog Husbandry

I have worked at an exotic pet store, in a zoo, and at an exotic veterinary clinic, so I can assure you that amphibians make very cool pets. I have …

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Frog Hibernation: How Frogs Survive Winter

I learned about how frogs survive winter hands-on from my outdoor pet toad while living in Canada. Frogs and toads can survive the harsh winter months and emerge in the …

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What do Frogs do at Night?

Those noises you hear in the pond behind your home at night in early spring probably are not crickets or ducks – they are more than likely frogs. Frogs thrive …

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How Long Frogs Live? (Frog Lifespan per Species)

Toads and frogs can have a much longer lifespan than most people think. I had a pet toad in our yard as a child and he lived to be over …

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