Do Frogs Play Dead?

Baby American Toad Playing Dead-min

Amphibians use various survival tactics in the wild, ranging from inherent genetic traits to interesting behaviors and habits. Frogs often appear to be dead but leap back to life after a short time frame. These odd occurrences have led many animal lovers to wonder if frogs play dead. Frogs may play dead if they have …

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Can Frogs Regrow Limbs?

One of the most fascinating things about some amphibians, notably certain salamander species, is their ability to fully regrow lost limbs throughout their entire lifespan. Given the fact that frogs are also amphibians, it is easy to think that they can possibly regrow lost or broken limbs as well. But frogs are not like salamanders. …

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Can Frogs Choke?

Amphibians are universally infamous for their wide smiles and strikingly long tongues, leading many people to believe that frogs can feast on prey irrespective of its size. However, frogs still have limitations to what they can swallow and digest, meaning that eating certain foods can result in complications. Frogs may struggle to swallow prey or …

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Can Frogs Drown?

Even though frogs are known to spend most of their time in the water, they can drown. This may come as a shocker since frogs are adapted to breathe in and out of water. Frogs, just like any other terrestrial animal, can drown. Frogs have lungs, despite being able to breathe through their skin as …

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Frog Vomit: Everything There is to Know

Frog Vomit-min

Frogs do not throw up unless they are in very specific situations to feel the need to vomit. These situations often revolve around poor food choices. Generally, frogs and toads vomit because they ate something inedible or toxic, due to extreme motion sickness, or if a food item is too large. Frogs perform full gastric …

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Can a Frog Survive a Broken Leg?

This content is provided for information purposes only. See our Terms for more information. Although frogs are incredibly flexible and adaptive, they are fragile little creatures and a broken leg can greatly hinder their ability to move. Frogs can heal from various injuries, but some frogs may not live long with a broken leg.  Generally, frogs can …

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Can Frogs Hurt Themselves If They Fall?

Can frogs survive a fall-min

This content is provided for information purposes only. See our Terms for more information. Frogs are undeniably agile, flexible, and adaptive creatures but they are still susceptible to hurting themselves if they fall. Frogs are capable of withstanding a wide variety of environments and conditions, but they are not immune to the laws of gravity. Based on …

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How to Know If a Wild Frog is Dying

How to Know if a Frog is Dead or Playing Dead-min

This content is provided for information purposes only. See our Terms for more information. I was out in nature looking for frogs when one of them suddenly fell from a tree, lied on its back, and looked dead. It’s the frog in the photo above, and as you can see it was just playing dead. Sometimes it …

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