Are Frogs Good or Bad for The Garden ?

Knowing if frogs are good or bad for your garden largely depends on your own personal opinion. Some people just do not like frogs or want them around their house. Personally, I think frogs are great to have in the garden! But I will share both perspectives and provide tips on what to do if …

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Can Frogs Breathe Underwater?

It’s well-known that frogs live both on land and in water since they begin their lives as fully aquatic tadpoles and develop into semi-aquatic adults. But, how they manage to survive underwater leaves plenty of room for confusion. Frog tadpoles can breathe underwater through their gills and skin. As frogets, and adult frogs, they lose …

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Frog Eggs: Everything There is to Know

Frog Eggs Everything There is to Know-min

Frog eggs are wonderful and complex embryos that transform into incredible tadpoles. The first time I saw frog eggs when I was a kid I thought it was a bunch of chia seeds someone threw into a pond. But frog eggs are much more complex than jelly-like dots. As a general rule, frogs lay 2 …

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Will Tap Water Kill Frogs?

Tap Water Frogs-min

Although frogs are incredibly adept at surviving in various environments, their primary weakness is their highly sensitive and pourous skin. This weakness has led many amphibian enthusiasts to wonder what kind of water is safest for their well-being.  Tap water generally contains chlorine, ammonia and chloramines, which are extremely toxic to all amphibians. Such substances …

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What Do Tadpoles Eat?

Tadpole what eat-min

Watching tadpoles eat can be a fun and educational activity. But if you are planning on feeding them, knowing what they eat is essential for their survival. Feeding them the wrong things can kill them. You can be part of the solution to the decline in frog populations by helping tadpoles eat the right foods …

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Do Colleges Allow Pet Frogs?

Frog College-min

Going to college is an incredibly exciting opportunity, but animal lovers may question whether or not they will be able to live on campus without their beloved pet frog. Thankfully, a few colleges in the United States allow most types of frogs on campus, provided that students follow the college’s specific set of rules. Eckerd, …

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List of Non-Poisonous Frog Species

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife, and a certificate in Master Herpetology and have learned about poisonous and non-poisonous frog species during my studies for school. The vast majority of frog and toad species found in North America are not poisonous. The majority of those found in North American do secrete …

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Obese Frog: Why & What to Do

Obesity is very common in the captive animal and pet worlds among multiple species, including frogs. An obese animal is classified as being overweight with larger fat pads and deposits. This can lead to health and medical issues down the line and could potentially shorten the lifespan of your pet frog.  Some people think having …

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Can Frogs Get ICH?

This article was written by Melissa M. who holds a Bachelors of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, and a Master Herpetologist certificate. The article was edited and published by Daniella, Master Herpetologist and owner of this website. I work as a vet assistant in an exotic pet clinic and to be honest, my colleagues …

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How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool

Frogs are attracted to water, and a worst-case scenario is for them to see your pool as their next home. Even though they do not pose significant health risks to humans, frogs, their tadpoles, or their eggs should not remain in your pool. Frog proofing your swimming pool and yard by covering the pool when …

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