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Tools to Repel or Attract Frogs

I love frogs, but I totally understand that a lot of people are annoyed by them.

So here are my top recommended products and guides to:

My goal here is to help you, but also help the frogs. Even though they may have invaded your property, there is no reason to harm them.

I also cover my top tools to attract them if that is what you would like to do 🙂

Tools to Catch & Save Frogs

When catching frogs, it is essential to use the right tools in order to avoid harming the frog and yourself.

Catch Frogs by Hand

Most frogs are harmless, but some can be poisonous, or carry viral or bacterial diseases on their skin (including salmonella).

But frogs also have very sensitive skin through which they breathe and drink.

Me, saving a toad from a window well wearing garden gloves similar to the ones recommended here

Therefore, it is essential to protect yourself and the frog by wearing appropriate gloves (like the ones above) when handling them.

Catch Frogs With a Net

If you want to catch them using a net, be sure it is super tight-knit like the one below.

You do not wan to harm a frog or permanently damage a limb if they get caught in an inappropriate net.

Catching frogs should be done only when necessary as this can cause them stress.

A Deep Bucket to Relocate Frogs

You may want to relocate frogs from your property but be sure to release them quickly (ideally under 10 minutes) within 1 mile of where you found them.

Do not cross a street, road, or move the frogs to another part of town.

We have more tips on safely relocating frogs in our guide on our blog.

Save Frogs From Your Pool

Another necessary situation definitely is your pool and the FrogLog below is an absolutely essential and easy way to save them:

FrogLog Escape Ramp for Critters in Pools

  • Save Frogs & Small Animals
  • Easy Setup
  • Simple Design
  • Keep Water Clean

A frog that falls into your pool has very little changes of survival without an escape route like the one above.

The frog does not want to be in a chlorine-filled pool that is too warm and can definitely kill it.

This product is amazing at saving frogs, toads, and other small animals that fall into pools

Frogs generally experience temperature shock when falling into pools and saunas and may have little time to escape.

Easily save frogs by adding one or two of the above frog ladders to your pool depending on the size.

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Tools to Prevent Frogs

Once you have caught the frog and moved them off your property, the next step to take is preventing them from coming back.

Keep Frogs out of Your Pool

Still on the topic of frogs falling into pools (get a FrogLog if you still dont have one), be sure to also cover your pool when it is not in use.

The cover should be sealed, like the one below, to avoid frogs falling in.

Keep Frogs out of Window Wells

Another very common place people find frogs is in their window wells or egress windows.

Frogs often fall in by accident.

In most cases, it is best to remove the frogs and seal off the window well to avoid them, and other animals, falling in.

Example of how you can install the wire over your window well to keep toads out

You can use tight chicken wire like the one above for a quick, easy, low-cost solution.

Natural Frog Repellants

You may also want to use natural repellants to keep frogs off of your property.

Some of the things I recommend using include vinegar, salt, lemon juice, baking soda, and my favourite: coffee grounds.

Natural Frog Repellant-min
Natural frog repellants

Here are some products that contain the most effective natural frog repellants from our list.

Out of all of the natural frog repellants we covered in our article on the topic, our favourite was coffee grounds.

This is because they are good fertilizer for your garden, and less harsh on frogs.

Why not make it fun and have a delicious cup of coffee, let the grounds cool off, and then use them to keep frogs away?

You could also try to keep the frogs away with a realistic-looking predator:

Killing frogs really is not necessary nor recommended at all, they are already endangered enough.

Sure, you may be annoyed by invasive species. Let’s be honest though, it’s our own fault they are invasive.

So be kind to the frogs, especially if there are protected species in your area

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Tools to Attract Frogs

So you just read through all this content on keeping frogs off your property and you cannot believe some people do not want them around.

It’s ok, as long as they are kind to them, it’s fine – to each their own.

But you are a cool person who wants to attract them to your yard! Thank you 🙂

So here are my top tools to attract frogs to your yard!

Frog Ponds

This is an excellent entry-level pond that can be used to attract aquatic frogs.

But if you are want top-quality, we recommend kits by The Pond Guy.

The pump will naturally create some movement but frogs do not like too much.

Waterfalls are beautiful, but they will keep frogs away.

Avoid installing an aeration system in your pond as this can deter frogs and kill tadpoles.

Essential Frog Pond Accessories

Simply add a small solar fountain to create some movement like the one below:

As you can see in the photo below, we had one similar to the product above in our frog pond and it naturally created a place for frogs to relax:

A frog chilling on a solar fountain in our frog pond

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