Why Are Cane Toads a Problem?

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There were no toads in many parts of the world until Cane Toads were taken from South America in the 1930s and brought to other countries, making them an invasive species. Cane Toads are a problem because they are an invasive species representing a threat to local biodiversity. Cane Toads are highly toxic and can …

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Why Were Cane Toads Introduced?


Cane Toads are well-known for the problems they have caused over the years, as they have had drastic impacts on the surrounding ecosystems. Many issues were not foreseen, as Cane Toads were introduced to numerous regions worldwide with the prospect of aiding the environment.  While Cane Toads are native to South America, they were introduced …

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15 Types Of Frogs You Can Find in Perth

Australia is a dream destination for wildlife and amphibian enthusiasts. With such a diverse assortment of frog species in the area, it can become challenging to discern one from another. Perth is inhabited by the Slender Tree Frog, Motorbike Frog, Quacking Frog, Orange-Bellied Frog, Wheatbelt Frog, White-Footed Trilling Frog, Western Spotted Frog, Moaning Frog, Sand …

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10 Types of Frogs Can You Find in Australia

Australia is home to hundreds of different frog species that can be found in every kind of environment across the Land Down Under. Terrestrial, arboreal, and aquatic frogs can be found in every part of Australia and many are protected by law.  There are approximately 250 known frog species in Australia and about 93% of …

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Are Cane Toads Poisonous?

Amphibians are incredibly diverse and fascinating creatures, but many species can pose risks for humans and animals. Cane Toads have become quite a problem worldwide, and they are classified as an invasive species. However, their invasive nature is not the only concern, and they can be harmful to the surrounding lifeforms.  Cane Toads are highly …

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How to Get Rid of Cane Toads

Get Rid Cane Toads

This content is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. See our Terms for more information. When it comes to Cane Toads, they are invasive species in Florida, Australia, and other parts of the world. You might have a difficult time with them hopping around your yard posing threats to your …

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