Frog Mythology: Everything There is to Know

Frogs have many different meanings in mythology from good luck, to bad luck, good fortune to misfortune. Since frogs are not always understood by the average person, they are the basis for many urban legends and myths. I have heard many of them myself as a child, including “toads can give you warts” and “kissing … Read more

What Frogs Mean: Symbolism And Culture

Amphibians have been an iconic natural wonder for thousands of years, forming fundamental aspects of environments and societies worldwide. But, how frogs can be interpreted differs depending on the context, use, religion, and culture.  Frogs typically symbolize prosperity, good luck, purity, fertility, transformation, and potential. Frogs may also symbolize renewal, growth, rain, natural cycles, healing … Read more

The 2nd Plague of Frogs: What to Know

Frogs Plague-min

Amphibians have been around for much longer than many believe, with some discovered frog fossils dating back to the Dinosaur Area about 200 million years ago. Some cultures and religions have described fascinating and miraculous events that may have taken place thousands of years ago, one of which is the Frogs Plague. The Frog Plague … Read more

8 Incredible Frog Myths & Facts

I can still hear my grandmother now, yelling at me when I was a kid to put down my pet toad in the yard because it could give me warts. She did not want me to spend time with Toady at all. But then on TV, I would see fairytales saying that kissing a frog … Read more

The Scorpion & The Frog: Fable & Meaning

The Scorpion and the Frog, a fable most often attributed to the renowned storyteller Aesop, has been a well-known story told for generations. While its first known appearance is from a publication in 1944, the story is said to have originated from another fable called The Scorpion and the Turtle, which tells quite a similar … Read more