Do Frogs Migrate?

During my Bachelors of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife, and certificate in Master Herpetology, I learned about frog and toad migration. It’s a fascinating topic I am excited to share with you today. Frogs migrate from terrestrial non-breeding habitats to aquatic breeding grounds seasonally. Migration is the movement from one place to another and for …

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What are Types of Wetlands?

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, so I’ve taken a few classes about ecosystems and the animals that can be found in them. We had a lab station in the middle of a deciduous forest, and took field trips to a nearby bog to go exploring. I loved learning …

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Where Do Tree Frogs Live?

How to know frog gender-min

Finding a tree frog is not as easy as looking up at the trees. I go looking for frogs very often and always easily find toads and aquatic frogs, but it can be more difficult to locate where tree frogs live. They are generally smaller than aquatic frogs and toads, and surprisingly, do not always …

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Where Do Toads Live?

Small American Toad-min

Toads are my favorite animals and you may be surprised about where you can find them living, compared to most frogs. Although toads and frogs have many characteristics and features in common, toads and frogs differ in quite a few ways. One of the biggest differences is how and where toads live, as their lifestyle …

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Can Frogs Survive Saltwater?

can frogs survive saltwater

Frogs generally thrive in salt-free freshwater lakes, ponds, marshes, bogs, fens, and other clean sources of freshwater. The vast majority of amphibians have porous skin through which they breathe and drink, and so, unfortunately, saltwater can dehydrate and kill them. In 2015, scientists Hopkins and Brodie identified 124 frog species able to inhabit saltwater habitats. …

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Where Do Frogs Live?

I loved looking for frogs as a kid and discovering all the cool places where they live. I still enjoy finding frogs in their natural habitat today and have included many photos I took of locations where frogs live in this article. Aquatic frogs generally live in calm areas of freshwater lakes (bayous), as well …

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What Is The Best Habitat For a Frog?

Frogs are one of the most diverse amphibian species in the world, with hundreds of varieties living in very different habitats. A habitat is a place where living organisms get water, food, find shelter and reproduce. Therefore, the best habitat for the majority of frog species includes these main things.  As a general rule, the best habitat …

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