What are Types of Wetlands?

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, so I’ve taken a few classes about ecosystems and the animals that can be found in them. We had a lab station in the middle of a deciduous forest, and took field trips to a nearby bog to go exploring. I loved learning …

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Which Frogs are Extinct? 

Extinct Frog - Gastric Brooding Frog - Photo Credit: Michael J. Tyler.

Over 8000 species of frogs are known to exist today. However, frogs face many threats, and because of this, large numbers of species have already gone extinct. Current estimates state that almost 3% of all frog species, or roughly 200 species, have gone extinct since the 1970s (Alroy, 2015). This represents a critical loss of …

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Why Are Frogs Endangered?

You have probably heard that many frog species are endangered. The reasons why frogs are endangered often depend on the species, location, and circumstances, but human activity tends to generally be the main overarching reason frogs are endangered or going extinct. Frogs are endangered due to human activity including deforestation, urbanization, roads separating migration areas, …

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Are Frogs Bioindicators?

Frogs are good bioindicators of their environments meaning that they can alert scientists that something is wrong. Bioindicators are species that show a response to problems in an ecosystem such as chemicals, pesticides, and pollution. Bioindicators may display deformities or die due to the changes in their environment, alerting scientist that action needs to be …

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What Do Frogs Need To Survive?

Although frogs are incredibly skillful survivors, they still have specific needs for ensuring their happiness and health over time. Their habitat’s surroundings and provisions play a crucial role in their wellbeing, and many animal lovers wonder what aspects frogs need most to live their lives to the fullest. Frogs need sufficient and suitable food sources, …

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Do Frogs Feel Pain?

All over the world, frogs are hunted in huge numbers for food, scientific study, bait, pests, and pets. However, some practices in hunting, harvesting, and dissecting of frogs can be seen as controversial. Traditionally, many people think frogs lack pain receptors and thus what we could consider hurting frogs doesn’t cause the amphibians any pain. …

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Why Frogs Are Important

Within our vast ecosystem on Earth, every animal and creature has a crucial role in maintaining a balance. Frogs may seem like a small part of this equation, but their importance is far greater than many may believe. Frogs play a vital role in ecosystems worldwide, as they form an integral part of the food …

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How Do Frogs Survive?

Frog Survival-min

Frogs use several mechanisms to survive changing seasons, predators, and their environmental conditions. Frogs were recorded to have been on the planet since the Dinosaur Age over 200 million years ago, and have mainly survived thanks to their incredible adaptability. Frogs generally survive winter by hibernating, they survive predators by using a number of defense …

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Frog Conservation: How You Can Help Frogs

Frog Conservation How to Help Frogs-min

I have been helping frogs for years and am very glad to share some super simple things you can do to help out as well. You don’t have to join an association or invest a ton of time or money to play your part in frog conservation. As a general rule, you can help with …

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