Is The Alien Xenomorph Frog Real?

You may have seen memes and images of an alien-looking xenomorph frog online and may be wondering if it actually exists.

The xenomorph frog, or xeno frog, does not exist in real life and consists of sculptures by artist Li Changchun who created the alien-like frog around 2018. The images of his sculptures were used in memes that went viral on social media platforms.

Although the xenomorph frog does not exist in real life, it has captured the imaginations of many. Let’s have a look at how this “new frog species” found it’s way around the internet. 

The Xenomorph Frog is a Sculpture

The xenomorph frog consists of a few sculptures created by Li Changchun, an artist who specialises in animal sculptures. The alien-like xeno frog was created in 2018 and gained popularity on social media in 2020 via memes.

Many people wonder if the photos of the alien-like frog with a big head and long green legs is real, but it is just a product of the artist’s imagination.

Li Changchun generally creates sculptures if animals and decided to merge his interest in aliens with his talents for sculpting animals like frogs (CTNF).

The Xenomorph Frog Was Turned into a Meme

A few years after Li Changchun created his first xenomorph frog sculpture, the images of his work went viral on social media thanks to a few memes like the one below.

For example, this reddit meme featuring Li’s work now has over 23k upvotes.

This caused people to wonder if xeno frogs are actually real. Although the xenomorph frog looks like a cross between a lizard, a frog, and an alien from the “Alien” movie series, this frog does not exist in real life.

It is a product of the imagination of a talented artist.

More About Unusual Frogs

Frogs are generally popular on social media, notably among artist and graphic designers. Some talented artists have taken frogs to whole other heights thanks to image editing apps like Photoshop.

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