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This Site is for Sale

The site was built from the ground up, 100% organically, by a certified Master Herpetologist and highly experienced internet marketer (15+ years experience).

The site has received over 800,000 visitors and over 1,200,000 page views of which 90% of the traffic organically came from Google Search:

Site’s Traffic Sources

Site’s Reach – Top Advertising Countries

Over 80% of the traffic is from top-tier, high-paying advertising countries with USA-based representing over 60% total traffic.

The site was built without any shady link building or reliance on social media.

Traffic naturally, slowly grew over time which is exactly what you want to see for a healthy website.

The sale also includes an email list of over 750 segmented emails and a YouTube channel with over 1,200 subscribers.

We are only looking to sell to a recognized amphibian-related association, organization, or entity that can truly use the power of the reach of this site to expand their mission in educating the general public on amphibians online.

The core values of the site and founder have been:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Deep Impact

We will not sell the site to internet marketers looking to flip or passively profit from the site.

Learn more about me, why I built the site, as well as my knowledge of frogs, and why the site is for sale in this interview with @foxrunecc:

Interview with Daniella of Toads N Frogs: Your Questions Answered


Here is an overview of the site’s powerful reach:

  • Traffic Past 16 Months: Over 1.2 Million Page Views
  • Traffic Sources: 90% Google Search
  • Traffic Location: +80% US, Canada, UK, Australia traffic
  • Monetization: Mediavine Ads, Affiliate Income
  • Average Monthly Profit: Contact Us
  • Site Launched: April 2021
  • Articles: 365
  • Platform: WordPress with standard plugins, no custom code
  • Included Assets: Blog & All Blog Content, Segmented Email List, Lead Magnets, Course, Media Assets (Photos, Videos), YouTube Channel, Domain Name, Google Analytics/Search Console Accounts
  • Price: Contact Us

The site brings in an excellent passive monthly income which will be reflected in the sales price.


The site is currently on the Mediavine ad network. Mediavine is a premium ad service running high-quality ads from top advertisers.

We also have some affiliate links on the site, a course for sale, and a few ebooks available for paid download, and (what will soon be) a monetized YouTube channel.

What is Included?

  • Website:¬†toadsnfrogs.com with all the published content
  • Email List: +750 subscribers segmented by center of interest
  • Domain Name: First launched in 2021
  • Course: Complete digital course for teachers
  • Lead Magnets: Assets used to be helpful to traffic while collecting emails
  • YouTube Channel: 1,200 subscribers + voice-over videos
  • Media: 100s of photos I took of a wide-variety of frog species on-location
  • Training: Multi-video series and detailed processes on how to write trafic generating content
  • Consultation: I will include a 2h Q/A session to answer your technical questions post-sale ($750 value)

Why am I Selling?

  • I (Daniella, founder) built this site with the following goals and intentions:
    • Educate the general public on frogs by meeting them where they are in their Google Search
    • Outrank the crap content about frogs on the internet (and I can assure you, there is a lot of it)
    • Build a powerful asset for an amphibian-related association that may not have the internal digital-marketing expertise themselves
    • >> I achieved these missions <<
  • The assets I am selling are ripe to be taken to the next level by a dedicated team of passionate amphibian lovers looking to expand their online reach
  • I also feel like I have covered everything I wanted in this space and have other projects that I would now like to work on

How This Works

Interested buyers please reach out so we can get in touch for discussion.

The sale will take place via Escrow.com, a third party service that makes the transfer of funds and digital assets very easy and worry-free for both parties. Contracts templates are already available (this is not the first site I have sold and I will explain the process during our first call together to help us ensure there is a fit).

I will only reply to serious buyers who actually are part of an amphibian-based entity with a mission similar to ours.

We will not reply to internet marketers looking to profit from the site!

Let me know you are interested by email by clicking on the button below (it will open your preferred email service). Be sure to introduce the entity you work for and how it is related to educating the general public on amphibians.