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Are Frogs Good or Bad for The Garden ?

Knowing if frogs are good or bad for your garden largely depends on your own personal opinion. Some people just do not like frogs or want them around their house. Personally, I think frogs are great to have in the garden! But I will share both perspectives and provide tips on what to do if …

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Will Tap Water Kill Frogs?

Tap Water Frogs-min

Although frogs are incredibly adept at surviving in various environments, their primary weakness is their highly sensitive and pourous skin. This weakness has led many amphibian enthusiasts to wonder what kind of water is safest for their well-being.  Tap water generally contains chlorine, ammonia and chloramines, which are extremely toxic to all amphibians. Such substances …

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How to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool

Frogs are attracted to water, and a worst-case scenario is for them to see your pool as their next home. Even though they do not pose significant health risks to humans, frogs, their tadpoles, or their eggs should not remain in your pool. Frog proofing your swimming pool and yard by covering the pool when …

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5 Natural Frog Repellents That Work

Natural Frog Repellant-min

I love having frogs in my yard because they act as a natural mosquito repellant, but I understand that many people do not want them around. This especially makes sense if you have pets, small children, or somewhat of a frog infestation. Fortunately, you do not need to kill any of the frogs to keep …

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Does Salt Kill Frogs?

It is well-known that frogs generally inhabit freshwater spaces, such as ponds, marshes, and inland water bodies. My grandmother had frogs on her property and, to my dismay, would use salt to deter them from coming back. Using salt has become a popular method for deterring frogs. However, many amphibian lovers wonder if salt could …

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Frog Predators: What Animals Eat Frogs?

Frog Predators Wild-min

Although frogs have incredible self-defense mechanisms, these survival tactics do not always work when faced with a plethora of predators. Frogs are especially vulnerable to predators while they are still eggs or tadpoles. Frog predators include birds (herons, crows, ducks), reptiles (lizards, snakes, alligators), fish (bass, snook), mammals (chipmunks, skunks, foxes, raccoons, possums, humans), and …

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​​What to Do About Animals in Your Pool

Although our site is all about frogs, they are not the only animals that are often found in swimming pools or spas. Animals including frogs, toads, salamanders, mice, rats, squirrels and birds often fall into pools and die due to the lack of an escape access to the exterior of the pool. This problem can …

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Does Bleach Kill Frogs?

My grandparents had frogs on their property and, to my dismay, would use bleach to deter them from coming back.  I am glad they listened to me after I told them how cruel and inhumane this was.  Frogs can die due a slow death to bleach exposure and using bleach to deter or repel frogs …

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Do Cats Eat Frogs?

Cats are well-known for their curiosity, and they are generally quite fascinated by small creatures that hop or crawl around. Frogs and cats are quite common in many regions, including some homeowners’ backyards, which has led amphibian enthusiasts and feline lovers to wonder if cats consume frogs.  Domestic cats do not generally consume frogs intentionally, …

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How Do Frogs Get In The House?

Having amphibians in the neighborhood can be incredibly beneficial for wildlife and ecosystems. However, it can be fairly frustrating to find these creatures wandering your home. These occurrences can perplex animal lovers and amphibian enthusiasts, leaving them to wonder just how frogs manage to get inside.  Frogs can enter houses through small openings such as …

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