How To Get Rid Of Frog Eggs

Although amphibian enthusiasts adore frogs in the wild or in captivity, frogs can become a problem when they breed on private property. Since frogs lay hundreds or even thousands of eggs at a time, and finding them around your home, in your pool or pond can be incredibly concerning.  Frog eggs can be relocated to … Read more

Why Are There Frogs in Your House?

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I cannot tell you the number of people who find frogs at their front door, tadpoles in their pool, or toads in their window wells. We seem to forget that we are on what was their territory first. But this does not mean you have to deal with frogs living in and around your home … Read more

How to Catch a Frog in Your House

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You know there is a frog on the loose in your home and are looking for expert tips on how to catch or trap the frog. You are in the right place! To catch or trap a frog that is lost in your home, you can use a paper towel and water to attract the … Read more

11 Ways to Keep Frogs Out of Your Pool

Frogs are attracted to water, and a worst-case scenario is for them to see your pool as their next home. Even though they do not pose significant health risks to humans, frogs, their tadpoles, or their eggs should not remain in your pool. Once you safely removed the frogs from your pool, you probably want … Read more

Safely Remove Frogs From Your Pool

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If you were ready to hop into your pool and found frogs, tadpoles, or frog eggs floating around, then you are in the right place. Do not wait around for them to disappear or die on their own. If you found frogs in your pool and want to ensure your and their safety, here is … Read more

What to Do if You Find a Frog in Your House?


Do not panic if you find a lost frog in your house, it’s more common than you think. Frogs can get in through cracks, windows, basement window wells and doors. Frogs generally wind up in people’s homes by accident. If you find a frog in your house do not panic. Make sure your pets and … Read more

How to Find a Lost Frog in Your House

My outdoor pet toad made it’s way into the house and got lost somewhere when I was a kid and my mom freaked out. It is never fun to find out that you have a frog (or multiple frogs) running loose inside your house, but don’t worry. There are ways to find and catch them … Read more

Guide: Safely Catch And Hold Frogs & Toads

If you want to go out exploring to find frogs, have one in your yard you want to move, or a toad in your window well you want to save and are unsure how to catch them, this guide is for you. Catching frogs can be a fun experience, but it is very important to … Read more

How to Move Toads

Relocate Move Toads

So you have some toads in your yard or garden and you want to move them out. If you are not sure exactly what to do, here are some ways to get toads off your property. You can move toads out of your yard using a net or by carefully picking them up with gloves … Read more

How to Safely Move Frogs off Your Property


This content is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. See our Terms for more information. So you have some frogs in your yard or garden and you want to move them out. If you are not sure exactly what to do, here are some ways to get frogs off your … Read more