You Are Wrong About Toad Venom

I was watching an old PewDiePie video where he introduced his new pet toad Slippy to the world, and in the video there is a discussion about how Slippy is venomous, could cause hallucinations, but could also be poisonous. To be honest it was really confusing, but it totally makes sense. The information out there … Read more

Is a Toad a Frog?

I love discussing different types of frogs and how they have very different characteristics, traits, and habits. Although aquatic frogs, toads, and arboreal frogs are different in many ways, they are all frogs.  But there seems to be this big debate online as to finally deciding, once and for all, if toads are frogs and … Read more

Why Are Cane Toads a Problem?

Cane Toad-min 2

There were no toads in many parts of the world until Cane Toads were taken from South America in 1930s and brought to other countries, becoming a big problem for many reasons. Generally, Cane Toads are a problem because they present a threat to local biodiversity, they are highly toxic and can proliferate twice per … Read more

Do Toads Have Tadpoles?

It is well-known that most amphibians begin their life cycles in water. But, there are some differences and individual cases where certain species do not transform into tadpoles. This has led many animal lovers and amphibian enthusiasts to wonder if toads have tadpoles like frogs and other amphibians. Most toad species lay eggs, which develop … Read more

Are Toads Poisonous To Humans?

Many of us have heard that touching a toad will give you warts. Although this is not true, this saying is predominantly meant to deter young and inquisitive enthusiasts from interacting with toads for their safety. While not all toads can pose serious risks for amphibian lovers, some toads can be severely toxic to humans. … Read more

Why Were Cane Toads Introduced?


Cane Toads are well-known for the problems they have caused over the years, as they have had drastic impacts on the surrounding ecosystems. Many issues were not foreseen, as Cane Toads were introduced to numerous regions worldwide with the prospect of aiding the environment.  While Cane Toads are native to South America, they were introduced … Read more

Can Toads Climb?

Amphibians are extremely diverse, flaunting various physical and behavioral traits. However, not all amphibians are capable of the same mobility methods, particularly concerning the capacity for climbing. This variation has led many animal lovers to wonder if toads can climb vertical surfaces. Toads are not very good at climbing, unlike tree frogs which are generally … Read more

Where Do Toads Go In The Winter?

Amphibians can survive in various climates and conditions, but they are universally vulnerable to extreme colds. Toads are easy to find during the Spring and Summer, but they seem to go missing during Winters. Their sudden disappearance leaves animal lovers and enthusiasts to wonder where they go during the coldest season of the year.  Toads … Read more

How Do Toads Drink Water?

Amphibians flaunt a range of physical traits and features, many of which allow them to perform key bodily functions in unique ways – like drinking. Contrary to aquatic frogs that live most of their lives in water, toads live on land, and you will never see amphibians licking up water like cats or dogs to … Read more

Why Frogs Shed Their Skin

How Frogs Eat-min

I was watching my wild toad outside when I was a kid one Summer morning and honestly thought it was choking and dying. It was rubbing its head and opening its mouth in a very strange way I had never seen before. However, after acute observation, I realized the toad was just shedding its dead … Read more