Is The Alien Xenomorph Frog Real?

Xeno Xenomorph Frog Real-min

You may have seen memes and images of an alien-looking “xenomorph frog” online and may be wondering if it actually exists. As a Master Herpetologist specializing in frogs, I can tell you that among over 7,500 known frog species to this date, we have yet to find an alien-looking frog like the xenomorph: The xenomorph …

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Can Frogs Feel Happy?

Why are frogs so happy-min

To humans, frogs may seem happy when they are just chilling in the water, sitting on branches relaxing, or even waiting for food to pass them by. Although we do not know if frogs can feel “happy” like we do as humans, there are a few things that certainly make frogs happy in their own …

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10 Fun Frog Songs

If you are a teacher who is looking for fun or educational frog songs for your class, or just a froggy-lover looking for some frog-based beats, this article is for you. Here is a list of 10 popular frog songs you can find on YouTube including, nursery rhymes, lullabies, educational tunes and just silly froggy …

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Frog Love: Everything There is to Know

Amphibians flaunt some undeniably impressive characteristics and traits, which have inspired many forms of artwork, media, illustrations, and photos in modern culture. There has been a flood of imagery and concepts of frog couples, leading many enthusiasts to wonder if frogs can fall in love.  Frogs are solitary creatures that do not fall in love. …

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24 Cute Baby Frog Photos

What is cuter than a frog? A baby frog! Here are some super cute baby frog pictures with more information on each of them. 1. Baby Golden Mantella Frog Although this frog is called “Golden Mantella,” do not let the name fool you. These frogs can be found in Madagascar and are generally shades of …

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The Rise And Fall of Pepe The Frog

What is Pepe The Frog

Frogs have been trending for quite some time, sparking countless frog-inspired fashion pieces, artworks, and even some of the funniest memes to have ever graced the internet. Pepe the Frog has been a common theme throughout many iconic pop culture additions, but there is far more to Pepe’s history than one might imagine.  Pepe the …

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What Frogs Mean: Symbolism And Culture

Amphibians have been an iconic natural wonder for thousands of years, forming fundamental aspects of environments and societies worldwide. But, how frogs can be interpreted differs depending on the context, use, religion, and culture.  Frogs typically symbolize prosperity, good luck, purity, fertility, transformation, and potential. Frogs may also symbolize renewal, growth, rain, natural cycles, healing …

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Do Toads And Frogs Get Along?

Toad Burrowing Hiding Rocks-min

Although I loved reading the stories of friendship between Frog and Toad as a child, I know as an adult that in real life, frogs and toads do not get along. Frogs and toads generally do not interact, and when they do, they do not always get along. This is because they belong to different …

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8 Inspiring Toad Quotes

Toad Quotes-min

Toads have often been the subject of literature, cultural myths, song lyrics, and other highly quotable sources. While they might seem like unassuming creatures, they can be central figures of inspirational, insightful, and motivational quotes written and spoken by the most impactful people.  Although we can’t hope to include every toad-related quote to ever exist, …

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8 of The Best Frog & Toad Cartoons

Best Frog And Toad Cartoons-min

Frogs and toads are amphibious species you can find nearly anywhere in the world, and therefore, they are one of the most beloved and commonly used creatures in cartoons of various cultures. Considering how often these little guys pop up in television, film, books and other illustrated works, picking the best characters can be quite …

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