Why Are There Frogs in Your House?

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I cannot tell you the number of people who find frogs at their front door, tadpoles in their pool, or toads in their window wells. We seem to forget that we are on what was their territory first. But this does not mean you have to deal with frogs living in and around your home …

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How to Catch a Frog in Your House

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You know there is a frog on the loose in your home and are looking for expert tips on how to catch or trap the frog. You are in the right place! To catch or trap a frog that is lost in your home, you can use a paper towel and water to attract the …

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What to Do if You Find a Frog in Your House?


Do not panic if you find a lost frog in your house, it’s more common than you think. Frogs can get in through cracks, windows, basement window wells and doors. Frogs generally wind up in people’s homes by accident. If you find a frog in your house do not panic. Make sure your pets and …

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How to Find a Lost Frog in Your House

My outdoor pet toad made it’s way into the house and got lost somewhere when I was a kid and my mom freaked out. It is never fun to find out that you have a frog (or multiple frogs) running loose inside your house, but don’t worry. There are ways to find and catch them …

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