Do Frogs Have Hair?

Frogs are so diverse and unique with over 7,400 species around the world. I discussed how frogs have teeth, but toads do not in other articles on this blog, yet another fun question to examine is if frogs have hair. This can be especially confusing since some frog species have what looks like hair.  Just … Read more

Frog Tympanic Membrane

s a kid, it was very intriguing to me how the frogs in our yard could hear. One time I inadvertently let the dog out while Toady was hopping around in the yard and you bet the dog bark startled him. But how can a frog hear anything with no visible ears? Generally, frogs can … Read more

5 Awesome Ways Frogs Move

Understanding how frogs move is an area of curiosity for all ages. Whether it be a small child catching frogs with a friend, or a biology student dissecting one to learn about its anatomy, many are driven by the need to understand frogs. Frogs generally move by jumping, leaping, hopping, swimming, climbing, crawling, or digging. … Read more

Frog Skin: Everything to Know

Frogs truly have fascinating skin, not only from an observational position, but also from a biological, physiological, medical, and pharmaceutical standpoint.  Frog skin is thin, moist, delicate, slimy, permeable and allows frogs to breathe, drink, and protect themselves. Frog skin can be used in pharmaceuticals for its properties, and pain-killing properties. From a biological standpoint, … Read more

Frogs Eyes: 8 Things to Know

Have you ever looked at a frog’s eyes up close? They are incredible! They look like tiny planets full of speckles, color and depth. Frog eyes have horizontal or vertical pupils, can see in color, bulge out to sit above water, and provide frogs almost 360° day and night vision. Frogs eyes also have three … Read more

What Do Frog Feet Look Like?

It may come to you as a surprise but not all frog feet look the same. Depending on the species, some frogs live in trees, on land, or in water, and therefore have bodies and feet adapted to thrive in their ideal environment. Aquatic frogs have webbed feet and long powerful legs to help them … Read more

How Big Can Frogs Get?

Frogs go through a long and wonderful evolution from eggs, to tadpoles, to froglets to large adult frogs and so their size greatly varies throughout their life cycle.  Adult frogs can grow anywhere from .30 in to 16.7 in (.77 cm to 42.5cm) and generally weigh between 0.3 oz and 98 oz (.9 g to … Read more

What do Frogs Look Like?

I love to go looking for frogs in the wild and with 7,400 known frog species worldwide, it can sometimes it can be very surprising to discover what they look like! But before diving into specifics, here is a general rule as to what frogs look like: A frog is a cold-blooded vertebrate amphibian with … Read more

How Do Frogs Breathe?

Frogs breathe utilizing four different respiratory methods, including the skin, lungs, nostrils, and lining of the mouth. The type of respiration used will vary depending on where the frog is located. Before metamorphosis into an adult frog, tadpoles breathe through their gills.