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If you are a teacher, educator, parent, or are homeschooling your child and are looking for time-saving frog and toad teaching resources, please enter your email below. I am currently in the process of preparing a teacher’s guide for every level of primary school from ages 4 to 12.

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Throughout my career, I have had the chance to teach adults and children alike. I was a TA for a year where I worked with every student in the school, from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 (ages 4 to 12).

Although I had not yet obtained my Masters Degree at the time, the school allowed me to teach my own classes. This incredible and rewarding experience was my last step in obtaining a Masters Degree with a specialization in didactics.

As you may have noticed while reading this blog, I have also carried out extensive research on frogs. I have been passionate about frogs since my childhood, and this blog, and the teacher’s resource I am creating, is the outcome of my cumulated skills in research, web development, and teaching.