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Will Tap Water Kill Frogs?

Tap Water Frogs-min

Although frogs are incredibly adept at surviving in various environments, their primary weakness is their highly sensitive and pourous skin. This weakness has led many amphibian enthusiasts to wonder what kind of water is safest for their well-being.  Tap water generally contains chlorine, ammonia and chloramines, which are extremely toxic to all amphibians. Such substances …

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Do Colleges Allow Pet Frogs?

Frog College-min

Going to college is an incredibly exciting opportunity, but animal lovers may question whether or not they will be able to live on campus without their beloved pet frog. Thankfully, a few colleges in the United States allow most types of frogs on campus, provided that students follow the college’s specific set of rules. Eckerd, …

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Obese Frog: Why & What to Do

Obesity is very common in the captive animal and pet worlds among multiple species, including frogs. An obese animal is classified as being overweight with larger fat pads and deposits. This can lead to health and medical issues down the line and could potentially shorten the lifespan of your pet frog.  Some people think having …

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Can Frogs Get ICH?

This article was written by Melissa M. who holds a Bachelors of Science in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences, and a Master Herpetologist certificate. The article was edited and published by Daniella, Master Herpetologist and owner of this website. I work as a vet assistant in an exotic pet clinic and to be honest, my colleagues …

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21 Most Popular Pet Frog Species

As a former pet frog-mom, previous exotic pet store clerk, and now as vet assistant in an exotic veterinary clinic, I have seen a wide variety of amazing pet frog species over the years. Pacman frogs, Tomato frogs, Whites Tree frogs, and Red-Eyed Tree frogs are some of the most popular pet frog species. I …

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What Supplements do Pet Frogs Need?

As a former pet frog owner and as an active vet assistant in an exotic veterinary clinic, I can assure you that captive pet frogs need supplements. Many of the pet frog issues I encounter every year can be avoided with proper supplementation. Frogs are exposed to different environmental conditions in captivity and they are in …

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Frog Not Eating: What to Do?

Sometimes animals stop eating, my frog did the same. When it happens to your pet frog, you should assess what reasons it isn’t eating and how long it has been since its last meal.  Many factors could contribute to a pet frog’s inappetance including active infections, improper enclosure set up, stress from recent environmental changes, …

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What Kind of Substrate Can You Use for Pet Frogs?

I have worked at an exotic pet store, in a zoo, and at an exotic veterinary clinic, so I can assure you that frogs need specific substrate depending on the species. I have a lot of experience caring for pet frogs and here are my recommendations for substrates you can use for pet frogs: Soils and soil …

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Can You Take a Frog to The Vet?

As a previous exotic pet store clerk and now as a vet assistant in an exotic veterinary clinic, I can assure you that you absolutely can take your pet frog to the veterinarian. You can take amphibians and pet frogs to an exotic veterinarian for in order to contribute to their overall health and longevity. However, frogs need …

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Do Frogs Bite? (What to Do)

What to do frog bite-min

Frog bites are a rare occurrence that can cause surprise, fear, and sometimes panic. Luckily, frog bites generally do very little harm, and treatment is easy. Still, there are some common questions around what to do after a frog bite, what kinds of frogs may bite and why. If a frog bites you remain calm …

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