Is a Toad a Frog?

I love discussing different types of frogs and how they have very different characteristics, traits, and habits. Although aquatic frogs, toads, and arboreal frogs are different in many ways, they are all frogs.  But there seems to be this big debate online as to finally deciding, once and for all, if toads are frogs and …

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Are Frogs Reptiles?

Frogs flaunt a range of traits and behaviors, many of which are similar to reptiles. These similarities have led many animal lovers to wonder if frogs are classified as reptiles or if they belong to another animal group.  Frogs are not reptiles but are amphibians that have a gill-breathing larval stage (water) and lung-breathing adult …

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Frogs vs Salamanders: Similarities and Differences

Amphibians are incredibly diverse, including different types of animals with various physical and behavioural traits. While frogs and salamanders have many similarities, they also have numerous differences that make each animal type unique. Frogs and salamanders have similar skin profiles, diets, thermoregulation, and amphibian lifestyles, but, they differ in body shape, physical features, abilities, and …

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Scientific Names of USA Frogs

Frogs can be found in various habitats worldwide, but plenty of unique and fascinating species call the United States their home. Many amphibian enthusiasts have traveled to numerous regions in the United States to get a closer look at some of the most alluring and stunning frog species.  Approximately 300 frog species live in various …

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Why Are Frogs Amphibians?

Why Are Frogs Amphibians-min

Frogs are incredibly fascinating creatures with plenty of unique skills, abilities, and physical characteristics. It’s well-known that they have been classified as amphibians, but many people wonder why they belong to the amphibian class rather than the reptile class.  Amphibian means “double life” or “two lives” and the Tetrapoda of frogs is Amphibia because frogs …

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Are Turtles Amphibians?

Are Turtles Amphibians-min

Frogs, toads, newts, salamanders, and turtles share many traits in common, but not all of these animals are amphibians. Turtles are reptiles like snakes, crocodiles, and lizards so they are not amphibians. Contrary to amphibians, turtles have scaly skin, a long neck, fertilize their eggs internally, do not breed in water, and their hind legs …

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Are Frogs Amphibians?

Are Frogs Amphibians-min

It may seem confusing to know if frogs are amphibians or not. They have many similar traits to newts, salamanders, turtles, and other animals you can commonly find in marshes, swamps, and bogs around the world. But a few distinctive features dictate why frogs are amphibians. Frogs and toads are amphibians because they are cold-blooded …

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Anura: Everything There is to Know


Anura is a scientific animal Order that contains two main types of amphibians: frogs, and toads. Despite the existence of several other amphibious species, these two species share some specific characteristics unique to Anura as an Order and warrant them being separated from the other two amphibian Orders, Caudata and Gymnophiona.  All frogs and toads …

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