Why do Frogs Croak?

If you have ever been close to freshwater on a warm spring or summer evening, you have likely been serenaded by the constant call of frogs. While I find frog calls to be joyful and relaxing, I know a lot of people that find them obnoxious and annoying. You may be happy to know that …

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Why do Frogs Croak at Night?

During warm spring and summer nights, it’s not uncommon to hear chirps, trills, quacks, honks and other frog sounds coming from bodies of water close by. Nighttime is a privileged moment for frogs to be out croaking. Frogs generally croak to attract mates of the same species in order to reproduce and do so at …

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What Sounds do Frogs Make?

Frog Sounds-min

Frogs make a variety of sounds from the common “ribbit ribbit” to the more sophisticated croak, chirp, or hoot. But the sound a frog makes truly depends on a variety of factors. As a general rule, the sound a frog makes depends on the species, their intent (mating, territorial defense), and the language that the …

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