20 Awesome Frog Facts

May you find them slimy and disgusting or beautiful and fascinating, frogs are generally attractive to humans in all stages of our lives from childhood and beyond. We have all seen one. From suburbs to campsites, frogs can live in busy city parks, or in the calm countryside. Like birds in the sky, frogs tend … Read more

Frog Colors: Everything There is to Know

Frogs come in many colors, and in a time with so many fake social media images, it may be hard to know what is real and what is fake. Like seriously, do rainbow frogs exist? As a general rule, frogs are different shades of 7 main colors including green, brown, grey, blue, yellow, red, and … Read more

8 Incredible Frog Eye Facts

Have you ever looked at a frog’s eyes up close? They are incredible! They look like tiny planets full of speckles, color and depth. Frog eyes bulge out to sit above water and have horizontal or vertical pupils that can see in color, and provide frogs almost 360° day and night vision. Frogs eyes also … Read more

What Do Frog Feet Look Like?

It may come to you as a surprise but not all frog feet look the same. Depending on the species, some frogs live in trees, on land, or in water, and therefore have bodies adapted to thrive in their ideal environment. Frogs that live in trees have padded toes on their feet that are made … Read more

46 Incredible Frog Facts You Need to Know

Did you know any of these amazing frog facts? Some frogs eat garbage, some frogs live in trees, and some frogs can grow to the size of a small house cat! There are more fun frog facts to discover below. Be sure to learn more about each fact in the articles in the frog category … Read more

Where Do Frogs Live?

I loved looking for frogs as a kid and discovering all the cool places where they live. I still enjoy finding frogs in their natural habitat today! Frogs are amphibians that rely on a steady water source to live and thrive. Frogs live on lakes, near ponds, in creaks and streams, in marshes, swamps and … Read more

What Is The Best Habitat For a Frog?

Frogs are one of the most diverse amphibian species in the world, with hundreds of varieties living in very different habitats. But the safest and best habitat for the majority of frog species includes three main things.  As a general rule, the best habitat for frogs has fresh water, access to plenty of food, and … Read more

What Do Toads Eat?

As a child, I knew that toads are insectivores, and as an adult with the same passion for these amphibians, I learned that they can actually be ferocious carnivores. Carnivores are animals whose food and energy requirements derive from animal tissue or meat. Toads are obligate carnivores meaning that they cannot survive without meat in … Read more

How Big Can Frogs Get?

Frogs go through a long and wonderful evolution from eggs, to tadpoles, to toadlets to large adult frogs and so their size greatly varies throughout their lifecycle.  Adult frogs can grow anywhere from .30 in to 16.7 in (.77 cm to 42.5cm) and generally weigh between 0.3 oz and 98 oz (.9 g to 2.8 … Read more

How Frogs Reproduce: Everything There is to Know

As a child, I always thought it was a bit confusing as to how frogs reproduce. I thought it looked like they would just sit there, hugging each other, a bit violently to be honest, waiting for some strange miracle to happen. But there is a lot more than just sitting and waiting going on … Read more