Do Frogs Eat Fish?

You may have watch frogs feasting on insects and worms on YouTube or even in your own backyard. There is also a likelihood that you have seen videos of large Bullfrogs eating larger insects like crickets and even mice. But did you know that frogs also eat fish?

As a general rule, frogs eat smaller fish, and frog tadpoles eat decaying fish, their eggs, and larve. Preying on smaller fish is especially popular for large frogs that live in water with them. However, larger fish, especially big game fish like Snook, Pike and Bass also prey on frogs.

Frogs are not the choosiest animals when it comes to what they eat. In most cases, frogs will eat anything that can fit inside their mouth and is moving. Still, while frogs do eat fish, this may not be their meal of choice. What frogs eat depends on the type of frog, size, and their environment.

Large Frogs Eat Smaller Fish

Frogs eat insects, smaller amphibians, reptiles, rodents, and fish. They have a very diverse diet and are generally opportunistic hunters. Frogs tend to take advantage of any situation where the right prey passes close enough for them to feed on. If you have seen frogs in the wild or in videos, you will understand how these animals have a voracious appetite.

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A toad I found eating a bug

Adult frogs are carnivores that will eat whatever can fit into their mouth, as long as it is not dead. Smaller frogs tend to eat smaller prey, like ants, flies, mosquitoes and fish eggs. However, larger frogs like the African Bullfrog and the Goliath Frog do not hesitate to lick up larger prey including rodents and smaller frogs.

As a general rule, large frogs like American Bullfrogs that live in water with fish tend to feed on small fish and their eggs. Toads do not eat fish as often as aquatic frogs since toads live on land and only return to water once or twice per year to reproduce.

If a toad lives in an environment where food may be scarce, such as when there are not a lot of insects and small rodents, reptiles, and amphibians, it may venture to find other food sources by going to a nearby pond or body of water and feast on anything edible in there. This can include fish which are full of protein and good fats. However, a toad returning to water to eat is unlikely unless its reproduction season.

Large Fish Eat Frogs

While frogs can eat fish, what you should know is that fish can also eat frogs. In fact, it is a lot more common for fish to eat frogs than for frogs to eat fish. This can be attributed to how varied the diet of most fish is and how some fish are big enough to swallow smaller frogs whole.

The most common case of fish eating frogs is when the frogs are still tadpoles and are yet to fully morph into their adult forms. Fish are known to eat anything in the water as long as it fits their mouth. As such, a hungry fish may end up feasting on helpless tadpoles that are not as adept at swimming as fish are.

On the other hand, bigger fish can also eat adult frogs that are small enough for them to swallow. Frogs are amphibians, and that means that they spend time both on land and in water. So, if a small frog is unlucky enough to swim in the territory or pond of a Large or Small Mouth Bass, Pike, or Snook there is a chance that the fish will make a meal out of the frog.

In other words, it can go both ways. Frogs that happen to see small fish can eat these fish if they are hungry enough and are unable to find any other source of food. Meanwhile, fish can also eat tadpoles and frogs that are small enough for them to swallow whole. 

What Size Fish do Frogs Eat?

Ideally, frogs eat fish that are alive and are no larger than the space between their eyes. Frogs also feed on fish eggs at all stages of development, from tadpole to adult frog.

This is an important thing to know if you are keeping a fishpond in your backyard. To be honest, it is best to avoid putting fish and frogs together in a backyard pond. Choosing one or the other species is best to avoid predation between the two species.

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And just for a quick laugh, if you are wondering if frogs and fish mate together, the answer is no. Frogs may grab onto fish thinking they are a suitable mate, however, the frog will release the fish once it realizes it cannot reproduce with it. This is common in the wild and in backyard ponds (CTNF).

More About What Frogs Eat

When frogs and fish share the same ecosystem, it is a dog-eat-dog world wherein smaller fish can get eaten by larger frogs, and larger fish can eat tadpoles and smaller frogs. Learn more about what frogs eat in our guides below

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