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How Do Frogs Get In The House?

Having amphibians in the neighborhood can be incredibly beneficial for wildlife and ecosystems. However, it can be fairly frustrating to find these creatures wandering your home. These occurrences can perplex animal lovers and amphibian enthusiasts, leaving them to wonder just how frogs manage to get inside. 

Frogs can enter houses through small openings such as cracks, vents, ripped screens, cracked sewer lines, and windows or doors with openings. Frogs may try to enter the home searching for food and adequate shelter, yet frogs generally appear in common household spaces by accident. 

While there are plenty of areas frogs and toads can use to enter homes, they do not want to be there. Homes that are built close to bodies of freshwater, or on areas where frogs used to live will commonly have issues of frogs dwelling on their property.

They can enter your home through a variety of areas, which is what I will be discussing in this article. The most important thing to remember is to be gentile and kind to these fragile creatures.

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Below are the most common home-related vulnerabilities that frogs use as entry points: 

OpeningEntry MethodSolution
CracksFrogs can hop over walls or use surrounding trees to reach cracks in walls or the roof.Seal visible cracks and trim surrounding tree branches.
VentsFrogs can squeeze through openings or cracks around vents. Seal cracks and use vent screens.
Ripped ScreensFrogs can slip through rips and tears in window or door screens.Repair or replace ripped screens.
Sewer LinesFrogs can find cracks in sewer lines and travel in the pipes until they find a way inside. Use mesh wire screens over toilet vents and contact a professional.
Windows and DoorsOpen windows and doors allow numerous frogs to enter the home.Do not leave doors and windows open or invest in screens. 
Under DoorsFrogs may squeeze under doors or through small openings.Invest in door sweeps and fix the door if needed.
Window WellToads often fall into window wells by accident.Put a cover or ladder in your window wells.

Frogs are avid survivors, determined to adapt and make do in almost every type of environment. They may squeeze through some of the most bizarre crevices just to ensure that they can find food, or to have a safe and comfortable place to spend the night.

1. Frogs Get in Through Cracks

All buildings can succumb to cracks and crevices over time, as structural integrity begins to give way to gravity. While small cracks are usually nothing to worry about, they can serve as easy access for smaller frog species. 

This is especially true for frogs that can climb like many tree frogs, as they can reach great heights. They may be able to find cracks anywhere along the outer walls and may even be able to climb trees and access vulnerabilities on the roof. 

Such cases may require professional guidance and intervention. The cracks may need to be sealed from the outside, as frogs may be able to wander the walls’ interior upon entry. One could also trim any tree branches nearest to the house’s walls, as this will make it trickier for frogs to climb and find entry points in the roof. 

2. Frogs Get in Through Vents

Although less common, frogs may enter the house through vents. This could occur in cases where the vents are not properly secured to the wall or where there may be cracks and openings around the vent itself. Frogs can slip through these openings, depending on the size of the vulnerability and the frog species. 

Homeowners should routinely check up on vents throughout the house, ensuring that the vents are flush with the walls. If openings seem to be an issue around vents, one could use vent screens to ensure wandering frogs cannot enter the home. 

3. Frogs Get in Through Ripped Screens

Window and door screens are a saving grace for many families, especially those living in warmer climates with many bugs. They are great for keeping bugs and pests out while letting in that fresh and well-deserved breeze, but any screen damage can be a perfect opportunity for curious frogs. 

Frogs can slip through screen rips and tears with ease, depending on the size of the tear and the size of the frog species. If your doors and windows are always covered with screens and frogs still manage to slip through, double-check that they aren’t taking advantage of an unseen opening. 

4. Frogs Get in Through Sewer Lines

Although rare, aquatic frogs may find their way into homes via sewer lines, or broken pipes. Sewer lines may have cracks that are hard to detect, and frogs may use these cracks to enter the household’s plumbing lines and pipes.

Frogs often end up in toilets in such cases, as toilets seem to be the easiest and safest area for exiting the sewer line and entering the home. These issues may be tricky to resolve, and one would need to contact a professional to check the sewer lines and recommend further steps.

However, placing mesh wire screens over the toilet (wedged under the seat) may help prevent the frogs from wondering your home until you have a professional provide tailored solutions. If there are frogs in your toilet do not leave them there, scoop them out with a bucket and bring them to the nearest water body within 1km of your home.

5. Frogs Get in Through Windows and Window Wells

Open windows and window wells are the easiest and simplest way for frogs or toads to enter the home. Homeowners may leave the windows open for too long, allowing frogs to enter the home and make themselves comfortable. Toads often fall into window wells by mistake and if the basement window is open, they may be able to get inside.

A Toad I Rescued From a Window Well

Unlike other vulnerabilities, which generally allow frogs to enter the home one at a time, open doors, windows, and window wells can lead to an entire group of frogs or toads entering the home at once. These cases are complex to resolve, after numerous frogs have already entered and begun hiding all over the house.

Toad in Your Window Well? What to Do

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Many people love to keep their windows and doors open for fresh air, sunlight, and a cool breeze. Using quality window and door screens would be the best option for individuals that cannot keep their windows and doors closed for too long. 

6. Frogs Get in Under Doors

If none of the common openings seem to be valid in your case, frogs may be entering the home through closed doors. Some doors are more drifty than others as they may be less airtight or have more room between the door and the floor. 

Such cases would typically be aided by a draft stopper or door sweep, which will lessen the space between the door and the floor. However, these cases may involve more complex approaches such as tightening the door, installing a new door, or addressing issues with the door frame. 

More About Frogs in Your House

While it may be understandably frustrating or annoying to find intrusive frogs in your home, these helpless and innocent creatures only seek shelter within a human-dominated world. Often times the reason they are entering your home is because your home was built on top of their home, so be kind and patient with them.

Always be respectful and considerate when removing frogs from your home, as these peaceful creatures mean no harm. Focus on preventing frogs from entering the property by sealing off openings and removing frog attractions.

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