How Big Can Frogs Get?

Frogs go through a long and wonderful evolution from eggs, to tadpoles, to froglets to large adult frogs and so their size greatly varies throughout their life cycle.  Adult frogs can grow anywhere from .30 in to 16.7 in (.77 cm to 42.5cm) and generally weigh between 0.3 oz and 98 oz (.9 g to …

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What do Frogs Look Like?

I love to go looking for frogs in the wild and with 7,400 known frog species worldwide, it can sometimes it can be very surprising to discover what they look like! But before diving into specifics, here is a general rule as to what frogs look like: A frog is a cold-blooded vertebrate amphibian with …

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How Do Frogs Breathe?

Frogs breathe utilizing four different respiratory methods, including the skin, lungs, nostrils, and lining of the mouth. The type of respiration used will vary depending on where the frog is located. Before metamorphosis into an adult frog, tadpoles breathe through their gills.