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Why Are There Frogs in Your House?

I cannot tell you the number of people who find frogs at their front door, tadpoles in their pool, or toads in their window wells.

We seem to forget that we are on what was their territory first.

But this does not mean you have to deal with frogs living in and around your home forever.

Generally, frogs are attracted to people’s homes because of the presence of humidity created by water features, leaky hoses, sprinklers, damp decks, plants, and swimming pools on their property. Toads may also accidentally fall into window wells when attracted to a home.

How to Find a Lost Frog in Your House!

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Check out our complete guide what to do if you find a frog in your house, or read on to learn more about why they are in your home in the first place.

1. Frogs Are Attracted to Humidity

If you have frogs in your home the reason is they are attracted to humidity.

Have a look around your house for leaky hoses, sprinklers, standing water, tarps that retain moisture, damp deks, and humidity-retaining items that may attract frogs.

Get Rid of Frogs & Toads NO Killing or Pesticides! [Capture, Release, Prevent, Precautions]

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We have a complete guide on how to keep frogs off your property.

Be sure to read through that guide and implement the tips because if the frogs are in your home, they came in by entering your yard.

Toads have the capacity to dig and burrow.

So if you have toads in your home, you may have a different issue which we will further discuss below.

Let’s first see how your swimming pool may be attracting frogs to your home.

2. Frogs Are Attracted to Swimming Pools

If you found frogs, tadpoles, or frog eggs in your pool, there is a source of water generally within 1km (.62 mile) of your home from which the frogs originated. With a net with holes up to 1mm (0.0393”) put the frogs in a bucket with water from the source, and relocate them to their original source.

Frogs are attracted to water, and a worst-case scenario is for them to see your pool as their next home.

Even though they do not pose significant health risks to humans, frogs, their tadpoles, or their eggs should not remain in your pool.

Once you safely removed the frogs from your pool, you probably want to permanently keep them away without using pesticides or killing them.

If you have seen frogs in your pool, be sure to follow our complete guide on frog-proofing your pool to keep them away from your property and out of your home (CTNF).

3. Toads Fall Into Window Wells & Egress Windows

Generally, toads fall into window wells and egress windows by accident. They may enjoy the environment or be unable to escape. Shallow window wells with soil, moisture, and bugs can be great for toads. However, if the well is deep, in full sun, is flooded, or has a rock bottom, the toad could die.

Toad in Your Window Well? What to Do

Check out our complete guide on how to safely catch, remove, and relocate a toad that has fallen into a window well.

Toads can be great allies in your garden to kill unwanted bugs and pests.

Just be sure to make an ideal home for them outside so they do not wander indoors if you do not mind having them on your property,

4. You May Have Structural or Foundational Issues

If you have tried everything and still cannot get rid of frogs in your home, or if you noticed structural issues that are leading frogs getting into your home, you may need to consult or hire a pest control service so they can further locate the source of the problem and provide you with a personalized solution.

If you are finding frogs inside your house constantly and even during the Winter, you may have a bigger problem.

They may be living in your pipes, in your basement, or coming through cracks in the walls or floors.

Consulting a qualified professional in your area for help.

Learn more about how frogs get into your house on our blog

More About Frogs in Your House

If you have aquatic frogs around your home, they are attracted to water and have a permanent body of water close by.

It is easy to relocate them and then frog proof your yard to avoid their coming back. 

Check out the detailed guides on our blog to learn exactly what to do about frogs in and around your home:

Common Questions About Frogs in Your House

Why would a frog be in my house? Generally, frogs are found in people’s homes because of the presence of humidity created by water features, leaky hoses, sprinklers, damp decks, plants, and swimming pools on their property. 

What attracts frogs to your house? Generally, frogs are attracted to the humidity and bugs around people’s homes created by water features, leaky hoses, sprinklers, damp decks, plants, tall grass, swimming pools, lights, and compost on their property. 

Are frogs good to have around your house? Frogs can be excellent to have around your home acting as natural pest control and keeping the environment clean of pesky bugs such as mosquitoes and slugs.

What do you do if there is a frog in your house? Do not panic if there is a lost frog in your home. Get your pets and small children out of the way, attract and find the frog, catch and relocate it to its original habitat. Then frog-proof your yard to prevent it from coming back.

Are frogs bad around the house? Frogs can be excellent to have around the house as natural pest control for mosquitoes and slugs. However, frogs can be a problem if you have very young children and pets since some frog species can carry sicknesses on their skin or be lethal to pets.

Do frogs bite humans? Most frogs do not bite. Some larger frog species may bit a human finger if they feel endangered or if they believe your finger is food. Frogs have very small teeth that are not used for chewing and generally cannot harm a human by biting them.

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