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When Do Frogs Lay Eggs?

You may be surprised to hear frogs croaking outside your window right after the snow melts in early spring. Many factors influence when frogs reproduce including the species, climate, and environment. 

Most frog species located in the USA lay eggs once per year in the Spring or Summer. In Northern parts of the US, frogs generally reproduce in the Spring, but frogs may reproduce at different times in Southern parts of the US thanks to prosperous conditions.

Although many frog species living in the USA prefer to lay their eggs during the Spring, the United States is a large country with many different climates. Weather, temperature, and humidity have a big influence on when frogs lay eggs.

Here is a table of common frog species, and when they lay eggs depending on their locations in the USA:

Frog SpeciesBreeding SeasonUS Locations
Blanchard’s Cricket FrogMid SummerNorth East
Boreal Chorus FrogEarly SpringCentral
Gray Tree FrogLate SpringEarly SummerNorth EastSouth
Green FrogLate SpringNorth East
Mink FrogSpringNorth East
Northern Leopard FrogSpringNorth East
Spring PeeperEarly Spring North EastSouth
Pickerel FrogSpring North East
Western Chorus FrogEarly SpringNorth East
Wood FrogEarly SpringNorth East
American BullfrogSpringNorth EastSouthWest
Bird-Voiced TreefrogSpringSouth
Carpenter FrogSpringSummerSouth East
Cope’s Gray TreefrogSpring South East
Cuban TreefrogSpringSummerSouth EastHawaii
Florida Bog FrogSummerFlorida
Gopher FrogSpringSouth
Cane ToadSpringSummerFloridaTexas

The first frogs that you hear outside your window during the Spring tend to be tree frogs.  Spring Peeper, Grey Tree Frogs, and Wood Frogs are some of the first species to come out of hibernation. They generally croak during the early Spring to attract mates and reproduce.

If you are annoyed by the sound of frogs outside your window, be sure to check out our tips on what to do about loud frogs at night. I personally enjoy the sounds of frogs and they tend to only last from sunset to a few hours before sunrise.

Factors That Influence When Frogs Lay Eggs

Many factors influence when frogs lay eggs that are generally based on climate including temperature, and humidity. Most frogs mate once during the Spring, the Wet Season, or during Summer around the World. But some frogs can reproduce multiple times a year throughout the year.


Depending on the type of frog and the species, some frogs generally reproduce earlier in the year compared to others. For example, arboreal frogs tend to reproduce in early Spring, compared to aquatic frogs and toads that may reproduce during the Spring and Summer.  This is because arboreal frogs are some of the first species to come out of hibernation. 


Some species may only be found in the Southern or Northern parts of the United States, while others may thrive in both areas. For example, there are Northern and Southern Spring Peeper, as well as Northern and Southern Leopard Frogs. In these cases, when they lay their eggs depends on their location and weather conditions, and not necessarily the frog species itself. 


A factor for frogs laying their eggs is moisture and humidity since these conditions are necessary for the reproduction and frogspawn development processes. Frogs located in humid climates like Cane Toads in Florida, or Poison Dart Frogs in the rainforest, are prone to reproduce more than once per year since conditions are favorable to them.

Frogs generally prefer wet and rainy, yet warm and stable weather for reproduction. These conditions give frogs the following advantages during breeding season:

  • Replenishes dried water bodies and provides more space to lay eggs.
  • Frog eggs develop better when the temperatures are warmer.
  • Tadpoles will have a more suitable space to embark on their metamorphic journey. 

Frogs located in dual-season climates, that generally have a Wet and Dry season, reproduce during the Wet season, and estivate during the dry season. Rainy seasons or monsoons provide suitable weather for mating.


Temperature also influences when frogs lay eggs. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, ideal conditions will not be met to help ensure the survival of the frog’s offspring. Therefore, some frogs may wait for the best temperature conditions for their species before laying their eggs in water (CTNF).

How Often Do Frogs Mate?

Most frogs in the Northern Hemisphere including American Bullfrogs, Spring Peepers, and Common Frogs reproduce once per year and hibernate during Winter. However, many Dart Frogs and Tree Frogs in humid and Tropical climates reproduce 3 or more times per year.

Here is a chart detailing how often certain species of frogs reproduce per year:

Frog SpeciesReproduction (Yearly)
Poison Dart Frog2-3+
Australian Green Tree Frog2-3
Cane Toad2
Common Frog1
Pacman Frog1
Northern Leopard Frog1
African Bullfrog1
American Bullfrog1

Just like when frogs reproduce, how often frogs reproduce is also influenced by climate, temperatures, humidity, and seasons. Where there is a long Winter, frogs tend to reproduce less often because they spend a good part of the year underground hibernating. Where the climate is tropical and consistently warm, frogs can generally be active and reproduce more frequently throughout the year.

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More About Frog Eggs

It can be challenging to discern exactly when frogs will lay their eggs, as temperature and environmental conditions may vary. But, most frogs in the United States lay their eggs in Spring, and a few species lay their eggs in Summer. Some species living in the Southern parts of the United States may lay eggs throughout the year, depending on the weather, humidity, temperature, and species.

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Common Questions About When Frogs Spawn

When do frogs spawn? Most frog species spawn once per year in the Spring, Summer, or during the Wet or Monsoon seasons. Frogs may spawn at different times of year depending on their location in the world, the species, humidity, and temperature.

When do frogs mate? Most frogs mate once per year in the Spring, Summer, or during the Wet or Monsoon seasons. Frogs may mate at different times of year depending on their location in the world, the species, humidity, and temperature.

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