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African Dwarf Frog Facts

African Dwarf Frogs are made up of several different species that are common in the global pet trade. They have several adaptations unique to the anuran family they are grouped in, and as individual species.¬† There are many cool facts to know about African Dwarf Frogs including the following: African Dwarf frogs are a fully …

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15 Types of Fully & Semi-Aquatic Frogs

I loved looking for aquatic frogs in local ponds as a kid. Frogs that live in water tend to be fairly passive, spending most of the day staying hydrated and breathing in water. Types of aquatic frogs include fully aquatic, and semi-aquatic frog species. Just like fish, fully aquatic frog species live in water full-time …

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10 Tips to Find Aquatic Frogs in The Wild

I love looking for frogs and observing them in the wild and I am very experienced at finding them. I have gone out in nature to search for frogs many times since I was a little kid. Finding frogs is super fun and it can be especially easy if you are looking for aquatic frogs …

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