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Where Can You Buy Frog Legs?

The first time my cousins tried frog legs they were tricked into thinking it was chicken. They were visiting France at the time, where frog legs are a delicacy that are fairly easy to find in stores. We were teens back then and I think they still do not know to this day.

I have been working on this blog about frogs and conservation, and wanted to see what species was available in stores here in North America. However, frog legs have not been easy to find. So I did some research for you to share where to find them, as well as how to responsibly consume frog legs.

Frog legs can generally be purchased in gourmet markets, seafood stores, certain grocery stores, specialized restaurants, and online meat stores. Finding a reputable local hunter is also an option, provided that they use humane practices and are transparent about the frog species. 

Frogs legs may not be easy to find, but the biggest hurdle is ensuring you are purchasing species that are not endangered, or imported from far away. Just because they are sold in stores does not mean they are local or a species that should be consumed. Let me explain.

Which Grocery Stores Sell Frogs Legs?

Some grocery stores, gourmet markets, seafood shops, and specialized meat stores may carry frog legs, generally in the frozen or fresh fish sections. Large chains such as Walmart may carry frog legs in the frozen fish isle, whereas fresh seafood markets may carry fresh local frog legs.

Below are some of the most popular grocery stores and local butchers that may sell frog legs in your area:  

United StatesCanadaAustralia England
Walmart T&T SupermarketTorre ButchersFine Food Specialist
Bolner’s Meat CoMetroTeys Australia Bradley’s Fish
Krogers Nicholyn FarmsMidfield Meat International SeeWoo Reading
Food BazaarDave’s Fish Market Oceania Meat Processors Longdan

Keep in mind this list is not exhaustive and may not be applicable in your area. For example, Metro states on their website that they carry frog legs, but the stores in our areas do not carry them.

Certain chain store locations may be more prone to carry frog legs than others. It is best to contact the chain or retailer in question before venturing out, as they may offer frog legs occasionally, seasonally, all year round, or not at all. 

Where To Get Frog Legs And Which to Consume

Although stocking frog legs is not a common and universal practice in grocery stores, a few shops and chains may offer this exotic delicacy.

As a general rule, if you are located in Europe, Australia or North America, avoid consuming frog species imported from Asia, Indonesia, and Turkey since mislabeling, maltreatment, and the sale of endangered species is common in these areas.

  • United States: Some Krogers locations may carry frog legs, although their supply may not always be reliable. Of all the grocery stores selling frog legs in the United States, Walmart seems to be the most reliable source to buy frozen frog legs all year round. They may be more common to find in Walmarts in the South. It’s best to purchase local American Bullfrog legs since they are invasive in some places in the South and provide a lot of meat.
  • Canada: Buying frog legs from a grocery store in Canada may be slightly trickier, as most large retailers and stores do not sell them. I even tried finding them in Quebec where, based on the French culture, consuming frog legs is not as uncommon as in English-speaking Canada. Metro states they carry them on their website, but I did not find them locally. Some Canadian online seafood stores also sell frog legs for delivery, but I have not tried them. When you do find them in store, prioritize American Bullfrog legs and avoid Northern Leopard Frogs which are becoming endangered.
  • Australia: Finding frog legs can be challenging in Australia, as frogs are protected by strict laws, most grocery stores do not sell them and consuming frogs is much less part of the local culture compared to other countries. Locals may acquire frog legs from meat importers, but these options are generally more common for restaurants. The Watson Frog Farm was the only farm in Australia offering freshly caught frog meat, but it closed down due to lack of business. You may try them in a restaurant listed below but overall, since they need to be imported, it is best to avoid consuming frog legs in Australia. However, some Australian restaurants are considering cooking up the locally invasive Cane Toad species if you want to try a close relative.
  • England: Frog legs are quite popular in England, and many grocery stores keep them in stock. England has a range of seafood shops, specialty food stores, and Asian shops selling frozen or chilled frog legs in bulk. Although locations may be dispersed, these stores typically stock frozen frog legs all year round. In England, it is best to purchase Common Water Frog legs since they are local and not endangered. Avoid Anatolian Water Frogs which are imported from the Middle East and are generally not treated with care.

Prioritize consuming local, abundant, invasive frog species and do so in moderation to put less of a burden on the ecosystem, the environment, and on already declining frog populations.

Frog legs are more common in stores in France, Turkey, Indonesia, and Southern regions of the United States. Frog legs can generally be found in the frozen fish and seafood aisle. Grocery stores and retailers offering frog legs will most likely prepare and package them in varying quantities.

Which Restaurants Sell Frogs Legs?

As a general rule, you can find frog legs in many France-themed restaurants worldwide. You can find frog legs in Taix French Restaurant in LA, La Palette in Toronto, Four Frogs Crêperie in Sidney, and Le Sacre Coeur in London.

Below are some restaurants and specialty markets that offer frog legs on their menu:

United StatesCanadaAustraliaEngland 
The Blue Rooster RestaurantLa PaletteFour Frogs Crêperie Premier Seafoods
Citarella Gourmet MarketLe CrocodileFrance-SoirLe Sacre Coeur
Mad Jack’s Fresh FishCluny Bistro & BoulangerieParis Go BistroBrasserie Zédel
Taix French RestaurantLes Deux GaminsChez PierreMan Bites Frog

It is relatively easy to find freshly grilled, fried, or sautéed frog legs at local seafood markets and iconic dinner spots. If you want to be a responsible consumer, be sure to ask which kind of frog legs they are serving. If the restaurant owner does not know, that’s a red flag.

Buying Frogs Legs Online

If buying frog legs from a market, grocery store, or seafood shop seems challenging in your area, buying online may be a viable option.

Some popular online stores selling frog legs include: 

  • Exotic Meat Markets
  • Gourmet Food Store
  • Citarella 
  • Lacrawfish
  • Steaks and Game
  • Seafood online Canada

Like I said, I haven’t tried any of these but be sure to consume local frog legs and non-endangered species in priority. Frog legs are an excellent treat that should be enjoyed responsibly.

Freshly Caught Local Frogs Legs

It is not uncommon for enthusiasts and adventurous eaters to source their exotic meats directly from local frog hunters. Purchasing frog legs from local hunters can help ensure that the species is local and the meat is fresh. However, there are still some risks to consider. 

Hunters may not value ethical behaviors and practices while capturing their produce, and they may not be entirely honest with their methods either. In some cases, the frog species can be mistaken for another or mislabelled for the purpose of making a sale. 

The safety and cleanliness of consuming hunted frog legs may also be questionable, as private hunters may not be obligated to undergo certain hygiene practices as retailers would. Large manufacturers, brands, and retailers are legally obligated to ensure their produce is free of harmful bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Large retailers also have to ensure their storage approaches are up to par with the expected standards.

Finding a trusted and reputable hunter who will provide fresh and safe frog meat is possible, and this approach can certainly be worth it. It’s a great way to try frog legs, consume locally, and avoid putting a burden on the ecosystem. The best way to find such a hunter is by word of mouth.

More About Finding And Consuming Frog Legs

There are approximately 7,500 known frog species to date, but only a handful of these frog species are safe for consumption. Certain species should be avoided as well. Although frog legs can be a delicious treat, be sure to chose ethically sourced, preferably local produce whenever possible, and consume them in moderation.

Learn more about finding and consuming frog legs on our blog:

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