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Frog Colors: Everything There is to Know

Frogs come in many colors, and in a time with so many fake social media images, it may be hard to know what is real and what is fake. Like seriously, do rainbow frogs exist? As a general rule, frogs are different shades of 7 main colors including green, brown, grey, blue, yellow, red, and …

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Frog Hibernation: How Frogs Survive Winter

I learned about how frogs survive winter hands-on from my outdoor pet toad while living in Canada. Frogs and toads can survive the harsh winter months and emerge in the Spring, nutritionally deprived but otherwise unscathed. But the question most people wonder is how these cute, squishy, fragile creatures endure the extreme cold and lack …

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Frog Teeth: Everything There is to Know

I loved watching my frog eat potato bugs when I was a kid, but wondered if it had any teeth. It seemed as if my frog would just suck up its prey and not chew at all. It was pretty intriguing that my hungry frog would just power through its meal like that. After completing …

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Frogs Eyes: Everything to Know

Have you ever looked at a frog’s eyes up close? They are incredible! They look like tiny planets full of speckles, color and depth. Frog eyes have horizontal or vertical pupils, can see in color, bulge out to sit above water, and provide frogs almost 360° day and night vision. Frogs eyes also have three …

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What Sounds do Frogs Make?

Frog Sounds-min

Frogs make a variety of sounds from the common “ribbit ribbit” to the more sophisticated croak, chirp, or hoot. But the sound a frog makes truly depends on a variety of factors. As a general rule, the sound a frog makes depends on the species, their intent (mating, territorial defense), and the language that the …

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How do Frogs Defend Themselves?

Frog Defense-min

Frogs are far from the top of the food chain and have so many predators it may be hard to imagine how they can defend themselves. However, frogs employ a wide variety of very smart ways to protect themselves in the wild.  As a general rule, frogs defend themselves by puffing up their bodies, surprising …

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Do Frogs Have Bones?

Frogs are amphibians and it may be confusing to know if frogs have bones since they are cute squishy-looking creatures. Well, I hated our high-school frog anatomy class because I love frogs and do not want to dissect them, but I did learn a few things. Frogs are amphibians that have a skeleton and a …

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The Frog Life Cycle

Frog Lifecycle-min

The frog life cycle is fascinating! Most frogs reproduce in similar ways with four main stages of development called metamorphosis. Frogs transform from egg, to tadpole, to forget, to adult frog over a period of a few weeks to a few years depending on the species and climate. The frog life cycle consists of 4 …

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How do Frogs Digest Food?

How Frogs Eat-min

Amphibians typically feast on live prey in the wild and have unique methods concerning their consumption methods. These special feeding habits and behaviors have left plenty of animal lovers wondering how frogs digest their food.  Frogs eat live prey, which travels to the stomach via the esophagus and dies by drowning in stomach acid or …

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Everything to Know About Frog Amplexus

There are numerous mating traditions and positions throughout the animal kingdom, and amphibians use one of the most interesting types: amplexus. The position in which frogs reproduce can be perplexing for many frog enthusiasts since the use and form of amplexus can differ depending on the species. Amplexus is a reproductive position used by frogs, …

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