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19 Stunning But Deadly Poison Dart Frogs

Although Poison Dart Frogs are infamous for their vibrant and attractive colors, many of them can cause some serious damage and even fatal outcomes. In most cases, their striking appearance is meant to warn others of their toxicity in nature.

The most beautiful but dangerous poison dart frogs include the following species: Black-Legged, Yellow-Banded, Corroboree, Harlequin, Strawberry, Red-Backed, Kokoe, Brazil-Nut, Granular, Golfodulcean, Dyeing Dart, Blue, Golden, Marbled Poison Arrow, and Lovely Poison Dart Frogs.

Striking colors and patterns can deter predators whether creatures are toxic or not, but these frogs are not bluffing. These stunning frogs may just give you a kiss of death just from touching them. Join us as we discuss the most stunning but deadly poison dart frogs from all over the world.

1. Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

Strawberry poison dart frogs have around 13 – 30 various color morphs, including red, blue colorations, or even black-spotted greens. The strawberry poison dart frog is not as toxic as many others, but it can still cause harm or sickness with contact. 

2. Black-Legged Poison Dart Frog

The black-legged poison dart frog can kill a human with as little as 150 micrograms of its poison. Only touching this species can cause extreme pain, seizures, and fever, while high toxicity can cause death by paralysis. It flaunts a vibrant yellow appearance with dark legs, hence the name.  

3. Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog

Otherwise known as the bumblebee poison frog, this species has a black body with bright yellow banding. It’s fairly large, and it can cause toxic reactions to varying degrees in humans. 

4. Corroboree Frog

Unlike many other poison dart frogs, this species produces the poison itself instead of deriving it from its diet (usually composed of alkaloid ants). They have black bodies with yellow and orange lateral banding and spots, and they live in Australian regions. 

5. Blue Poison Dart Frog

This species flaunts a brilliantly bright blue color with unique black spots. They can secrete enough poison to kill or at least harm humans and live throughout southern Surname and Brazilian regions. 

6. Harlequin Poison Frog

These small frogs have brownish bodies and spots ranging between yellow and orange. This Columbian species produces a unique poison, which was often used for blowgun darts.

7. Splash-Backed Poison Frog

Otherwise known as the Variable poison frog, this species flaunts a stunning aesthetic with a black body splashed with various colors, including brown, orange, yellow, or red. They may also be contrasted where the bodies have color and spots are black. But, the splash-backed poison frog’s poison can kill up to 5 humans (CTNF).

8. Red-Backed Poison Frog

These little frogs live in Amazon rainforests and have a striking red back with black and white marbled legs. They are not as poisonous as some others. But, they can cause toxicity in humans and death in smaller predators such as birds. 

9. Golden Poison Dart Frog

The golden poison dart frog is considered the most deadly frog in the world, producing enough poison to up to 20 adult humans. In some cases, animals may die simply from walking on terrain that this frog has touched. It flaunts a golden-yellow color which warns predators of its powers. 

10. Kokoe Poison Dart Frog

This species is not known to kill humans with its poison, but its toxins have been used on arrow tips by many cultures. Their poison can cause pain, seizures, fever, and paralysis. They have dark skin with stripes and dots on their legs. 

11. Anthony’s Poison Arrow Frog

These frogs have dark brown or red skin with yellowish-white stripes. They are terrestrial frogs and produce an incredibly toxic nicotine-like substance. Their toxins were investigated for scientific development, but their poison proved to be far too toxic for human applications. 

12. Brazil-Nut Poison Frog 

These toxic poison dart frogs are quite small compared to others. They have shiny black skin topped with various markings, which form in colors ranging between white and yellow. They have bright orange spots at their joints and are not as toxic as many others. 

13. Green and Black Poison Dart Frog

This species flaunts a unique green and black rippled appearance, with colors ranging from mint, emerald, lime, turquoise, or even yellow and blues. They can secrete enough poison to make humans severely sick. 

14. Granular Poison Frog

These little frogs have red bodies, muted toned legs, and bumpy skin that warn predators of its toxicity. They live in Panama and Costa Rica. 

15. Golfodulcean Poison Frog

This species has black skin with bright orange stripes and speckled legs. It secretes poison that can cause seizures, intense pain, and paralysis in some cases. It lives throughout Costa Rica and is the fourth most toxic poison dart from within its genus. 

16. Dyeing Dart Frog

This species is fairly large compared to others within the poison dart frog family. It has a yellow back topped with black spots and bright blue legs. Its appearance acts as camouflage but also serves as a warning of its toxicity. 

17. Phantasmal Poison Frog

This little frog packs a punch considering it grows to less than an inch in length, as its poison can kill large animals and humans. They have an attractive appearance, as they have reddish-brown or copper bodies topped with white spots and stripes. 

18. Marbled Poison Arrow Frog

This species can be found with interesting and varying colors and patterns. They usually have a dark red or brown dorsum with black sides and are topped with pale cream stripes which resemble marble patterns. They are not as toxic as many other poison dart frogs, but contact can cause illness in humans. 

19. Lovely Poison Frog

Otherwise known as the striped poison dart frog, this species carries enough poison to cause heart failure in predators that attempt to devour it. They are found in Central America and flaunt stunningly dark and lustrous skin topped with beige stripes and spots. 

More About Poison Dart Frogs

While not all poison dart frogs can cause deadly poisoning in humans, severe side effects have no guarantee of recovery without immediate treatment. Despite the alluring nature of these small amphibians’ appearance, they are not creatures to be meddled with. Considering the dangers that these little frogs pose, it’s best to observe and appreciate their beauty from afar. 

The good news is that most poison dart frogs are only found in the wild outside North America and Europe. So rest assured about that frog you found in your yard! Learn more about frogs and their poison in the articles on our blog below:

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