Can Frogs Regrow Limbs?

One of the most fascinating things about some amphibians, notably certain salamander species, is their ability to fully regrow lost limbs throughout their entire lifespan. Given the fact that frogs are also amphibians, it is easy to think that they can possibly regrow lost or broken limbs as well. But frogs are not like salamanders. … Read more

10 Fun Frog Songs

If you are a teacher who is looking for fun or educational frog songs for your class, or just a froggy-lover looking for some frog-based beats, this article is for you. Here is a list of 10 popular frog songs you can find on YouTube including, nursery rhymes, lullabies, educational tunes and just silly froggy … Read more

Where Do Frogs Sleep?

Since most amphibians are nocturnal and are far more active at night, it has mainly been assumed that frogs do not sleep at all. However, recent scientific studies have found evidence to prove that frogs sleep based on intermediate periods of Non-REM, Primary, and Cataplectic Sleep. Still, there are plenty of questions surrounding where they … Read more

Why Were Cane Toads Introduced?


Cane Toads are well-known for the problems they have caused over the years, as they have had drastic impacts on the surrounding ecosystems. Many issues were not foreseen, as Cane Toads were introduced to numerous regions worldwide with the prospect of aiding the environment.  While Cane Toads are native to South America, they were introduced … Read more

Can Toads Climb?

Amphibians are extremely diverse, flaunting various physical and behavioral traits. However, not all amphibians are capable of the same mobility methods, particularly concerning the capacity for climbing. This variation has led many animal lovers to wonder if toads can climb vertical surfaces. Toads are not very good at climbing, unlike tree frogs which are generally … Read more

15 Types Of Frogs You Can Find in Perth

Australia is a dream destination for wildlife and amphibian enthusiasts. With such a diverse assortment of frog species in the area, it can become challenging to discern one from another. Perth is inhabited by the Slender Tree Frog, Motorbike Frog, Quacking Frog, Orange-Bellied Frog, Wheatbelt Frog, White-Footed Trilling Frog, Western Spotted Frog, Moaning Frog, Sand … Read more

Do Cats Eat Frogs?

Cats are well-known for their curiosity, and they are generally quite fascinated by small creatures that hop or crawl around. Frogs and cats are quite common in many regions, including some homeowners’ backyards, which has led amphibian enthusiasts and feline lovers to wonder if cats consume frogs.  Domestic cats do not generally consume frogs intentionally, … Read more

What Happens To Frogs In The Winter?

Frogs are generally abundant during the warmest seasons worldwide, but they seem to go missing once the temperatures start to drop. Amphibians are incredibly skilled at surviving in various climate conditions, and disappearing during winter is one of their essential survival tactics since they cannot withstand harsh colds.  Generally, frogs hibernate during Winter and survive … Read more

Where Do Toads Go In The Winter?

Amphibians can survive in various climates and conditions, but they are universally vulnerable to extreme colds. Toads are easy to find during the Spring and Summer, but they seem to go missing during Winters. Their sudden disappearance leaves animal lovers and enthusiasts to wonder where they go during the coldest season of the year. Toads … Read more

Frogs vs Salamanders: Similarities and Differences

Amphibians are incredibly diverse, including different types of animals with various physical and behavioural traits. While frogs and salamanders have many similarities, they also have numerous differences that make each animal type unique. Frogs and salamanders have similar skin profiles, diets, thermoregulation, and amphibian lifestyles, but, they differ in body shape, physical features, abilities, and … Read more