Can a Frog Eat a Snake?

Frogs are incredible animals and are often also incredible hunters. Different types of frogs have a vast array of prey and can take down some unlikely animals. After seeing what a frog can eat, you may wonder if a frog is capable of eating a snake. Generally larger species of frogs eat small snakes. Often, … Read more

The Scorpion and The Frog: Fable & Interpretation

The Scorpion and the Frog, a fable most often attributed to the renowned storyteller Aesop, has been a well-known story told for generations. While its first known appearance is from a publication in 1944, the story is said to have originated from another fable called The Scorpion and the Turtle, which tells quite a similar … Read more

Are Frogs Carnivores?

What frogs eat are frogs carnivores-min

As a child I knew that frogs are insectivores, and as an adult with the same passion for these amphibians, I learned that they can actually be ferocious carnivores. Carnivores are animals whose food and energy requirements derive from animal tissue or meat. Frogs are obligate carnivores meaning that they cannot survive without meat in … Read more

How to Move Toads Out of Your Yard

Relocate Move Toads

So you have some toads in your yard or garden and you want to move them out. If you are not sure exactly what to do, here are some ways to get toads off your property. You can move toads out of your yard using a net or by carefully picking them up with gloves … Read more

How to Move Frogs Out of Your Yard


So you have some frogs in your yard or garden and you want to move them out. If you are not sure exactly what to do, here are some ways to get frogs off your property by moving or relocating them. You can move or relocate frogs using a net or by carefully picking them … Read more

Toads in Your Window Well: Why & What to Do

You might be in for a jumpy, lumpy surprise when you remove the dead leaves around your basement window, window well or egress window and discover a toad, or two! Now you might wonder how this happened and what to do about it. Generally, toads fall into window wells by accident. But window wells that … Read more

What do Frogs Look Like?


I love to go looking for frogs in the wild and sometimes it can be very surprising to discover what they look like! For example, I recently found a Spring Peeper and was not expecting how tiny they are. But before diving into specifics, here is a general rule as to what frogs look like. … Read more

What Frogs Eat: Everything There is to Know

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I had a wild frog as a kid and loved to watch it eat a variety of bugs in the backyard. Later on, I did some research to learn what else frogs eat and realized that frogs eat much more than just bugs! Frogs eat invertebrates, small mammals, small lizards, small freshwater shrimp or fish, … Read more

How Do Frogs Breathe?

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Frogs breathe utilizing four different respiratory methods, including the skin, lungs, nostrils, and lining of the mouth. The type of respiration used will vary depending on where the frog is located. Before metamorphosis into an adult frog, tadpoles breathe through their gills.

What Frog is This? Frog Identification Chart

Frog Identification What Frog is That-min

This page contains a detailed table with frogs you can find in your back yard, garden, local park, swamp, pond or pet store depending on your location (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe). Start by looking for where you heard or saw the frog and click on the name to see a photo and learn more.