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Find The Frogs in These Pictures Game

If you enjoy hidden object games, you may also enjoy finding frogs in these pictures I took while looking for frogs in the wild! 🙂 Finding frogs in their natural habitat is a super fun activity. But if you can’t get outside and find them, here they are in the comfort of your home!

In the hidden object game below, I explain where I saw these frogs and give you tips so you can go out and spot them in the wild as well. You may find that it is easy to see the frogs in the first images, and it’s true! It will get harder as you go along and you will find all the solutions at the end of this article.

1. Easy to Find Frog to Get Started

Ok so it should have been super easy to spot the frog in this photo, we are just getting started! I wanted to make sure you know what a frog looks like before diving further into spotting them in the wild since this activity will get more difficult as we go along. Sometimes I am sure the frogs I find know their picture will be on the internet. You will see in the solutions below that this frog really looks like it is smiling!

2. Spot The Frog in The Mud

Ok this one is more difficult but I swear there is a frog in the mud. It may be difficult to find them on a cloudy day if the water is reflecting the white in the sky. It sometimes makes the water act like a mirror, making it much more difficult to look below the surface of the water. I think that it is generally easier to find frogs on sunny, cloud-free days.

3. There Are Two Frogs hiding in The Marsh

There are two frogs hiding in the vegetation in this photo – can you spot them? Aquatic frogs spend most of the day breathing and drinking underwater. And the two in the photo are no exception. It was the early evening when I spotted them chilling near the bank of the marsh.

4. Can You Spot Three Frogs in The Pond?

This is more difficult but you should be able to spot three frogs in this pond. Most of the frogs jumped into the water when we approached, but these frogs are definitely more on the bold side since they just sat there as we got close with the camera. If you are not sure what to look for, try to spot noses sticking out of the water.

5. There is a Hidden Frog in the Vegetation

Sometimes you have to really take your time to spot aquatic frogs in the wild. You may think there is nothing in the water, but hidden among the vegetation lies more than the eye can see. There definitely is a frog in this picture, and it is not tiny. But it is camouflaging among the vegetation. Can you see it?

6. There is a Baby Toad Somewhere in This Picture

I was on a walk one day and spotted hundreds of baby toads bouncing all over the place. My partner thought they were flies in the grass but when we got closer it was clear that they were newborn toads! They were all over the place, it was hard to see them. We hate to be super careful not to step on any!

7. Find The Hidden Frog

You really have to be patient and quiet when looking for frogs in the wild. Sometimes they jump or swim away when you get close to their location. Other times they may be croaking but blend in so well with their surroundings that it is very difficult to see them. Take your time to scan through this image, there is a frog hiding waiting to be seen (CTNF).

8. An Easy Hidden Frog Image

You worked hard finding the frogs in the last images so here is an easy one for you. When you look at the water you may sometimes feel like there is nothing there. But when you take a few seconds to scan the surface, you may see a frog nose sticking out of the water!

9. Find The Frog in The Sea of Lilly Pads

It may seem like too a mess to us, but for frogs this is the perfect environment to thrive. With tons of water, shelter and bugs, frogs can have a relaxing feast and hide from predators all day in what seems like heaven to them. But it is much harder for us to spot them in these kinds of environments where they can blend in just like the plants.

More About Finding Frogs

If you enjoyed searching for frogs in these photos you may enjoy looking for them in your backyard and in the wild around your home. The solutions to the game are a bit further below, but feel free to check out our other guides to help you find frogs in real life! 🙂

Find The Frog Hidden Object Game Solutions

I hope this online game inspired you to go out and observe frogs in their natural habitat around your home.

Daniella Master Herpetologist

Daniella is a Master Herpetologist and the founder of toadsnfrogs.com, a website dedicated to educating the general population on frogs by meeting them where they are in their online Google Search. Daniella is passionate about frogs and put her digital marketing skills and teaching experience to good use by creating these helpful resources to encourage better education, understanding, and care for frogs.