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15 Funny Frog Memes

Frogs have been a symbol of humor and wit for many years and have become the center of many memes online. Frog memes feature iconic characters, such as Pepe The Frog and Kermit The Frog, as well as some of the cutest and funniest frogs out there in the World. There are far too many frog memes to count, but we have gathered some of the funniest and most clever frog memes for you to enjoy.

1. Too Sassy to Care

Have you ever experienced a situation where you’ve been given advice, judgment, or opinions that you didn’t ask for? Most of us have been there at some point or another. Kermit the Frog has been dubbed as an incredibly sassy character in many memes, and this one perfectly captures the thought that goes through everyone’s mind at some point, whether or not they plan on making it public. 

2. Knock Before Entering

There’s nothing quite like being in this situation, especially if you’re not in the comfort of your own home! Of course, one could argue that you should always lock the door. But, accidents happen and it’s not impossible to forget this crucial step. The sheer look of fear and dread on Kermit’s face is priceless, and it cannot be more accurate compared with the reaction of those in this embarrassing scenario. 

3. Just Being a Couch Potato

Being sleepy and lazy can feel like a way of life at times, and it can be incredibly rewarding in moderation. Most of us have had days where time just seems to fly while doing absolutely nothing. Kermit The Frog’s completely ‘chilled out’ facial expression and body language perfectly embodies the essence of this lifestyle in this meme (CTNF).

4. Instagram Models Be Like

Source: @nickiminaj

This Pepe the Frog meme takes a humorous spin on Instagram models and the high expectations for their posts and social following. It’s an ironic take on what some people do to get more clout. It’s funny yet thought-provoking to get a glimpse into the experiences and feelings of these social media stars, especially considering that these individuals are usually showered with praise for their assets (pun intended). What’s even funnier is that this meme was posted by Nicki Minaj who received over 260,000 likes. 

5. Procrastinating To-Do Lists

Just about everyone has experienced the feeling of having way too much to do versus the amount of energy worth spending. This Kermit the Frog meme is incredibly relatable and does a fair job at capturing the empty and woeful feeling that emerges when one is faced with an endless list of chores, tedious tasks, and routines. 

6. Getting The Courage to Make Lifestyle Changes

Ever been stuck in a vicious cycle while trying to make healthy lifestyle changes? We’ve all been there, and trying out a new eating plan is one of the most challenging aspects of finally getting in shape. Resisting those tantalizing temptations and achieving personal goals feels like a tug of war, and this Kermit the Frog meme perfectly captures this internal battle.

7. That Sinking Feeling

Whether you enjoy Oreos or not, most cookie-lovers have been in this sort of situation. Pepe’s facial expression perfectly embodies the feeling of loss. There’s nothing quite like the dismal feeling that rises as you watch that glorious piece of deliciousness sink to the bottom of your cup, especially knowing that it just won’t be the same once it’s eventually recovered.

8. Settling For Off-Brand

The author of this meme took a creative approach instead of using an authentic and popular Pepe The Frog image, took a look-alike. Somewhat similar to what you would find in clothing, Pepe the Frog is a classic, whereas this frog image looks like a fake wannabe. The meme compares the use of Pepe to quality brand products in stores versus fakes or lower-quality look-alikes. When you can’t afford Pepe the Frog, you go with Pepe The Toad.

9. Being a Self-Proclaimed Comedian

Sometimes humor is best enjoyed by the one telling the joke, and there’s no shame in appreciating your own comedic skills. This meme shows Kermit struggling to breathe from laughter in this hypothetical scenario. Kermit laughed so much at his own jokes that he needs a break, and some help, to catch his own breath.

10. Back Me Up, Bro!

Kermit has his classic facial expression in this meme. Most of us have been in situations where we have needed the support of a second opinion, and look to one of our closest friends to back us up. This look means, “Hey Bro, jump in I need your help! You know I am right!” Just one look and your friend should know it’s time to give you the support you need.

11. Having Winter Blues

Just about everyone has experienced the common cold or flu, and having a blocked nose can be undeniably frustrating and sometimes depressing. From being unable to speak correctly, smell your favorite scents, or even taste your favorite meals, the sense of incompleteness and longing is perfectly captured by this Kermit the Frog meme.

12. Being Single And Ready to Mingle

Although being single and willing to get back out there is often described as exciting, the reality is that it’s unbelievably daunting for most people. May it be in person on on apps, getting back into dating can be pretty intimidating, especially if you havent been on the dating scene for a few years. Kermit’s combination of awkwardness and confidence allows viewers to take a step back from the suave, ‘single’ stereotype. This Kermit meme completely summarizes the real-life complex that’s experienced by most single people when getting back into dating.

13. Instagram IRL

Many of us have experienced the feeling of having incredibly high expectations for a solid outfit, only to realize it looks nothing like the pictures once it’s worn. This is an almost depressing scenario in real life, and it can make even the most confident person feel down. But, this Kermit the Frog meme has managed to put an incredibly comedic twist on this relatable debacle. And, clearly, many people have had this feeling – this meme was upvoted over 15k times on Reddit!

14. Procrastination is Proficiency

Ever been stuck in a situation where it’s hard to defend an overall lack of initiative? While it’s not the best strategy to take in everyday life, one has to admit that the creator of this piece has a very good point. This Kermit the Frog meme captures one of the smartest takes on justifying procrastination, with a proposition that’s hard to argue. 

15. Pepe The Frog Meme of All Memes

There is no doubt that one of the most memed images was Pepe The Frog. The above meme of the meme was upvoted on Reddit over 130k times! This image summaries a vast number of Pepe The Frog Memes in one image. I guess you could say Reddit voted it the meme of the decade for 2020.

More Fun Frog Memes

What makes memes so hilarious is that they are created by people from all walks of life. But, the frogs in these memes somehow manage to capture the essence of these scenarios, making them that much more comedic. Many frog memes have sparked countless laughs, becoming relatable and iconic aspects of modern pop culture.

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