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20 Fun Gifts For Frog Lovers

There is a good chance that you are looking to get the perfect frog-themed gift for a friend or a special someone who loves frogs. 

Everyone in my family knew I loved frogs as a kid and so what did I get for Christmas, for my birthday, and every other gift-giving occasion? Frog-themed gifts.

So before we dive into this amazing list of awesome frog gifts, I want to give you a word of caution from someone who has received hundreds of frog-things in her day: Choose wisely.

Just get something they actually could use and need 🙂 Because it will really make the experience so much better. 

With that said, let’s dive into my list of cool frog-themed gifts 🙂

1. THE Frog Hoodie

If you don’t know this already, there is a famous Twitch streamer who wore this sewer on their streams and it became somewhat of a meme. It’s big in the frog aesthetic movement.

If the person you are buying for is a frog fan and loves watching Twitch streamers, they probably know who I am talking about and may love this gift.

Either way, it’s super cute and comfy.

2. Frog Pool

Why didn’t anyone get me this as a kid?

I would have absolutely loved merging my passion for frogs with my passion for swimming, and I totally could have done it in style in this awesome kiddy pool.

The fun thing is that it can spray water around which is amazing for a hot day.

3. Frog Books

Books are always useful and in my opinion are a “never too many” type of gift.

I put two books above as ideas, one targeting kids, another for adults.

Young child reading a book with frog toys

Any frog lover should have an informative book on frogs so that they can read more about the different species of frogs during their spare time while lounging in the backyard and relaxing on a good day. 

4. Frog Onesie

This is just a super fun one, and it can easily double as a Halloween costume!

Onesies are great people who don’t mind wearing these unusual yet cute outfits in public.

However, there are people who love wearing onesies at home whenever they feel cold.

So, if you know someone who loves wearing onesies and is also a big fan of frogs, then this frog onesie should do the trick.

5. Frog Mug and Saucer

This just may be the perfect gift for those who love coffee or tea, and frogs.

Just imagine them relaxing on a fall day with a toasty hot beverage and this fun frog mug and saucer.

This mug and saucer set should be cute enough for any frog lover who loves to drink a good morning brew or a nice afternoon tea on any day.

6. Frog Lounge Chair

This fun piece of furniture can be great for kids to cuddle up to.

This frog lounge chair is a decorative and can be considered a useful piece for sitting, lounging, napping, and cuddling.

7. Frog Baby Play Mat

If you are planning to give the gift to a parent or an expecting parent, there is no better way to allow them to continue the tradition of being frog lovers than to give this frog baby play mat.

Baby playing with animal book (including a frog)

Learning how to love frogs can start early for their baby.

8. Frog Night Light

Keeping the night light on has never been cuter.

This frog night light is as functional as it is cute.

It can be a good addition to any frog lover’s bedside table, especially if that person prefers to keep the night light on.

Of course, it could also be a good gift for kids who love frogs.

9. Frog Towel

I had something like this as a kid and was so sad when it got lost in one of our moves to a new home…

But a frog towel is always great for home use or for the beach.

This frog towel comes with a striking dark green color that has frog designs that complete the entire froggy look.

It certainly is a good gift for those who want to have a good frog-themed towel that they can use for any purpose.

10. Frog pullover hoodie

If you feel like giving an entire frog onesie can be too much, this frog pullover hoodie is the next best thing.

If your friend is more introverted, this may be more appropriate than a frog-themed onesie.

11. Frog Pen & Plant Holder

Giving this frog utensil holder can also be a good idea because of how useful it is for any kind of kitchen, office, or dining table.

It can also be used as a plant holder for succulents!

12. Frog Garden Lantern

A garden frog lantern can also be a good gift idea because of how cute and unique of a design it is.

It departs from the usual bland lantern that you often see in most households.

Of course, garden frog lanterns are great decorative pieces that give character to the entire garden.

And no other lantern design has more character than a frog garden lantern.

13. Frog Jar

Great for kitchens, this frog jar can be a good way for frog lovers to keep cookies and other similar food items secured (or not if you have cookie monsters in the house 😉

14. Frog Sign

I just thought this one was cute. I love toads and think this is a cute play on words.

To be honest, this gift is pretty useless (and I did say to get a useful gift, ideally).

But if your goal is to put a smile on a frog-lover’s face, I am sure this could do the trick.

15. Frog Tumbler

In a day and age where personal tumblers are becoming more popular among people due to environmental concerns, this frog-designed tumbler should be a good gift to give to someone who loves frogs and cares about the environment in which the frogs live.

16. Frog Kitchen Mitts

Another great kitchen accessory that you can give as a gift to a frog lover is this frog-themed oven accessories kit.

If they are just moving into a new home, this can be a great housewarming gift.

17. Frog Plush Doll

Plus frog dolls and beanie toys are always awesome go-to gifts for frog lovers.

But if there is anything I have received a hundred of – it is stuffed-animal frogs.

I literally have a suitcase full of them at my parent’s house from my childhood.

So yes they are awesome, but don’t go overboard.

If the person you are offering a plush frog already has more than three, this is a no go.

My favourite animals were actually toads, but nobody ever gave me a toad gift…

Look, if the person you are giving a gift to actually loves toads, do them a favour and give them a toad-themed gift – not a frog gift!

As a child, I actually loved toads, not frogs. Very surprising I know.

But nobody ever gave me toad-themed gifts because they didn’t like toads.

If your friend likes toads, do them a favour and get them one of the following gifts.

18. Toad & Frog Are Friends Books

A classic book for any frog and toad lover.

This series is a must-read for those learning to read, and parents reading to their kids before bed (CTNF).

19. Toad T-Shirt

Toads are awesome!

Show your toad pride with a cool toad t-shit!

20. Toad Plush Doll

If you read through to the end you may be wondering what happened to all my frog-things from my childhood. 

I still have most of it in storage to be honest.

Two boxes full of pogs and frog-themed items are the only things that I still have at my parent’s house.

But as an adult I have also become a minimalist, and consider that receiving so many (useless) frog-themed gifts as a child contributed to my now-lifestyle.

I’m not saying being a minimalist is bad (I love it!)

I am just saying that the best gifts in my opinion are useful items and experience – so go out and find frogs with your frog-loving friend 🙂

Daniella Master Herpetologist

Daniella is a Master Herpetologist and the founder of toadsnfrogs.com, a website dedicated to educating the general population on frogs by meeting them where they are in their online Google Search. Daniella is passionate about frogs and put her digital marketing skills and teaching experience to good use by creating these helpful resources to encourage better education, understanding, and care for frogs.