3 Types of Frogs You Can Find in Nature

As a kid I noticed that there are different types of frogs just by observing them in their natural habitats. They seemed to have different features and habits depending on where I found them. But it’s not until after doing research later on in life that I realized what truly makes these frogs different from one …

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11 Types of Frogs You Can Find in Wisconsin

Frogs are fascinating creatures and are crucial to many ecosystems in Wisconsin. There are many different types of frogs in the world, and the kinds you find vary greatly from place to place. Wisconsin is home to many interesting frog breeds, and there is a great deal to learn about each one. As a general …

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What Frog is This? Frog Identification Chart

Frog Identification What Frog is That-min

This page contains a detailed table with frogs you can find in your back yard, garden, local park, swamp, pond or pet store depending on your location (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe). Start by looking for where you heard or saw the frog and click on the name to see a photo and learn more.