Can Frogs Choke?

Amphibians are universally infamous for their wide smiles and strikingly long tongues, leading many people to believe that frogs can feast on prey irrespective of its size. However, frogs still have limitations to what they can swallow and digest, meaning that eating certain foods can result in complications. Frogs may struggle to swallow prey or … Read more

What Do Tadpoles Need To Survive?

Amphibians have outlived some of the most catastrophic events throughout time, as they are incredibly adept at adapting their survival tactics. However, frogs still have specific habitat requirements to survive, especially when they are in the fragile and crucial tadpole phase. In order to survive, tadpoles need clean freshwater, sufficient aquatic vegetation for food, and … Read more

Do Frogs Have Tails?

With so many fascinating metamorphic changes, amphibians flaunt a wide range of physical features throughout their lives. This has led to plenty of confusion surrounding their development, and many animal lovers wonder if frogs have tails. Frogs have tails as tadpoles, as they are fully aquatic and need tails to swim during this time. However, … Read more

10 Cute Frog Tattoos

Frogs may be unconventional pets but they are pretty popular tattoos. If you are a big fan of frogs and want to immortalize that interest in a tattoo, here are some cute frog tattoo ideas you might want to get your inspiration from. The most popular frog tattoos generally combine a frog with another one … Read more

What to Feed Frogs

What Frogs Eat Dead Bugs-min

Frogs are amazing animals that feed on a wide variety of prey.  In the wild, frogs have a varied diet that is generally naturally balanced. And so it can be hard to know what to feed frogs in captivity. Feeding a frog the right types of foods is very important so that they can stay … Read more

13 Frogs You Can Find In New Jersey

Although New Jersey is not the most iconic hotspot for amphibians, plenty of fascinating frogs roam this area. New Jersey still has a vast selection of terrestrial, aquatic and arboreal frog species. Many frog species live in New Jersey, such as the American Bullfrog, Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog, Carpenter Frog, Cope’s Gray Treefrog, Eastern Spadefoot, … Read more

Do Frogs Feel Pain?

All over the world, frogs are hunted in huge numbers for food, scientific study, bait, pests, and pets. However, some practices in hunting, harvesting, and dissecting of frogs can be seen as controversial. Traditionally, many people think frogs lack pain receptors and thus what we could consider hurting frogs doesn’t cause the amphibians any pain. … Read more

Why Are Frogs Bad?

Although most frogs are incredibly beneficial to the environment, there are still a few cases where frogs can cause more harm than good. This complexity has led many people to believe that frogs are bad, which is not necessarily always the case. However, there are some instances where frogs can can be bad for a … Read more

What Is A Group of Frogs Called?

It’s well known that frogs typically congregate together during mating season to lay hundreds or even thousands of eggs at a time. Many different animals have been allocated with specific terms for collective groups. But, such lists typically focus on mammals and popular animals, often excluding frogs and other amphibians.  A group of frogs is … Read more

24 Cute Baby Frog Photos

What is cuter than a frog? A baby frog! Here are some super cute baby frog pictures with more information on each of them. 1. Baby Golden Mantella Frog Although this frog is called “Golden Mantella,” do not let the name fool you. These frogs can be found in Madagascar and are generally shades of … Read more