Toad Lifespan: How Long Toads Live

How Long Toads Live Toad Lifespan-min

Toads generally have a much longer lifespan than most people think. I had a pet toad in our yard as a child and he lived to be pretty old and large thanks to access to food, water, shelter, and few predators. Generally, toads live 1 to 10 years in the wild and can live on …

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Frog Lifespan: How Long Frogs Live

Green Frog - Frog Lifespan-min

Toads and frogs can have a much longer lifespan than most people think. I had a pet toad in our yard as a child and he lived to be pretty old and large thanks to access to food, shelter and few predators. Generally, frogs live 3 to 18 years in the wild and on average …

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7 Green Tree Frog Facts

Green Tree Frog-min

If you live in the Southeastern US, you have likely come across Green Tree Frogs. These charming green amphibians are found strewn across the Southeastern part of the United States from Texas to Virginia to Florida and can be found in plenty of backyards. Green Tree Frogs are fascinating creatures that are often found in …

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10 Must Know Bullfrog Facts

Bullfrog Facts-min

American Bullfrogs, often known just as bullfrogs are a large and distinctive species of frog that are endemic to the eastern part of North America. Beyond just being fun to look at, these frogs are very unique creatures.  Bullfrogs are native to Eastern North American but can be found on several continents around the world. …

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20 Awesome Tree Frog Facts

Tree frogs are a fascinating type of frog with very different habits compared to aquatic frogs and toads.  Not only do tree frogs generally live in trees, but they have also padded toes, are excellent at climbing, and can camouflage better than many other frog species. Let’s dive into some awesome tree frog facts! Click …

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Are Frogs Gay?

You may have heard in popular culture that frogs are gay. But are frogs truly interested in the opposite gender of their own species?  Although there are 500 animal species that are recognized to display homosexual behavior in nature, only two types of frogs among over 7,400 frog species are on the list. Frogs reproduce …

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8 Incredible Frog Myths & Facts

I can still hear my grandmother now, yelling at me when I was a kid to put down my pet toad in the yard because it could give me warts. She did not want me to spend time with Toady at all. But then on TV, I would see fairytales saying that kissing a frog …

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20 Awesome Frog Facts

Frogs are fascinating creatures! And like birds in the sky, frogs tend to be present wherever there is freshwater. But while a frog’s world can seem trivial, these unique creatures can be quite surprising. Frogs do not just live in ponds and swamps, toads cannot give you warts, and frogs can jump really far! Here …

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Frog Colors: Everything There is to Know

Frogs come in many colors, and in a time with so many fake social media images, it may be hard to know what is real and what is fake. Like seriously, do rainbow frogs exist? As a general rule, frogs are different shades of 7 main colors including green, brown, grey, blue, yellow, red, and …

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46 Frog Facts

Did you know any of these amazing frog facts? Like some frogs can eat small snakes, some frogs live in trees, and some frogs can be the size of a small house cat! There are more fun frog facts to discover below. Facts About What Frogs Eat More Information About What Frogs Eat on Our …

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