The Ultimate Frog Guide

I love frogs and they have been part of my life since I found one for the first time in my backyard as a child. I am excited to share everything I know about frogs with you here in this ultimate guide to everything there is to know about frogs. Click on any of the … Read more

You Are Wrong About Toad Venom

I was watching an old PewDiePie video where he introduced his new pet toad Slippy to the world, and in the video there is a discussion about how Slippy is venomous, could cause hallucinations, but could also be poisonous. To be honest it was really confusing, but it totally makes sense. The information out there … Read more

Are Frogs Omnivores? The Truth.

Everyone knows frogs love bugs, but it seems some people think frogs can also consume fruits and vegetables. If frogs consumed both animal-based foods (like bugs), and plant-based foods (like fruits and vegetables), they would be omnivores. But, frogs have been in my life for many years and I can tell you, the idea that … Read more

Are Frogs Herbivores? The Truth.

I came across so many blog posts affirming that frogs exclusively eat fruits, vegetables, and plants which would make frogs herbivores. But you have probably seen a frog eat a bug, and bugs do not come from plants. So here is the truth about what frogs eat. Frogs are not herbivores or omnivores once they … Read more

Do Tadpoles Have Gills?

Frogs go through various metamorphic changes from their formative stages until adulthood, many of which concern their breathing methods. Although frogs have lungs when they are mature, tadpoles are fully aquatic when they transform from fertilized frog eggs, requiring more creative tools for breathing. Tadpoles have external gills from 0 to 6 weeks of metamorphosis, … Read more

How Long do Tadpoles Take to Grow Legs?

All amphibians start as fully aquatic creatures, equipped with gills and tails for surviving underwater. However, they transition to life on land as they develop limbs and other physical tools for semi-aquatic lives. Although time spans vary between frog species and habitats, tadpoles generally go through the same developmental milestones. Most tadpoles start growing hind … Read more

What Human Food Can Frogs Eat?

Frogs are cute and watching them eat can be a lot of fun. But trying to feed frogs human food can be dangerous for their health. Frogs and humans do not have the same eating habits and generally do not consume the same types of foods. Foods that frogs and humans eat include live ants, … Read more

Can Frogs Eat Fruits?

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” may be something you heard throughout your life. Fruit is effectively considered a healthy food choice for humans. So how about frogs: Can frogs eat fruit?  Frogs can not eat fruit because they are obligate carnivores. Frogs must eat live animal-based prey in order to obtain the … Read more

Can Tadpoles Eat Fish Food?

It’s not because we can eat something that we should. For example, you can eat hot dogs. But eating only hot dogs every day would certainly be bad for you, and could lead to obesity, malnutrition, and death. The same goes for frog tadpoles when it comes to fish food. Tadpoles should not be fed … Read more

Is a Toad a Frog?

I love discussing different types of frogs and how they have very different characteristics, traits, and habits. Although aquatic frogs, toads, and arboreal frogs are different in many ways, they are all frogs.  But there seems to be this big debate online as to finally deciding, once and for all, if toads are frogs and … Read more

Why do Frogs Croak at Night?

During warm spring and summer nights, it’s not uncommon to hear chirps, trills, quacks, honks and other frog sounds coming from bodies of water close by. Nighttime is a privileged moment for frogs to be out croaking. Frogs generally croak to attract mates of the same species in order to reproduce and do so at … Read more