The Ultimate Frog Guide

I love frogs and they have been part of my life since I found one for the first time in my backyard as a child. I am excited to share everything I know about frogs with you here in this ultimate guide to everything there is to know about frogs. Click on any of the …

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Are Frogs Good Pets?

Reasons Not Have Pet Frog-min

Many pet websites that make the bulk of their income selling you pet frog accessories will tell you that you should have a pet frog. Although I love frogs, I do not have a pet frog, and so I think I am well positioned to help you see the other side of the argument to …

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Toad Eggs: Everything There is to Know

What Toads Look Like Eggs-min

As a kid, I loved going out looking for toads and I always thought it was pretty easy to find toad eggs. Compared to frog eggs, fish eggs, and salamander eggs, toad eggs stand out with quite a few remarkable differences. Toad eggs are easy to distinguish from frog eggs because toads lay eggs in …

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Spindly Leg Syndrome: Reasons & Treatment

As someone who works as a zookeeper and is studying to be an exotic veterinary technician, amphibians diseases and ailments are a large concern and interest for me. Learning the causes, signs, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of exotic and wildlife diseases is important for all animals.  Spindly Leg Syndrome is a a sickness in frog …

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5 Natural Frog Repellents That Work

Natural Frog Repellant-min

I love having frogs in my yard because they act as a natural mosquito repellant, but I understand that many people do not want them around. This especially makes sense if you have pets, small children, or somewhat of a frog infestation. Fortunately, you do not need to kill any of the frogs to keep …

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Is The Alien Xenomorph Frog Real?

Xeno Xenomorph Frog Real-min

You may have seen memes and images of an alien-looking “xenomorph frog” online and may be wondering if it actually exists. As a Master Herpetologist specializing in frogs, I can tell you that among over 7,500 known frog species to this date, we have yet to find an alien-looking frog like the xenomorph: The xenomorph …

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10 Important Rules of Frog Husbandry

I have worked at an exotic pet store, in a zoo, and at an exotic veterinary clinic, so I can assure you that amphibians make very cool pets. I have a lot of experience caring for pet frogs and would like to help lay out some rules for basic frog husbandry: Husbandry is the care, …

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Frog Hibernation: How Frogs Survive Winter

I learned about how frogs survive winter hands-on from my outdoor pet toad while living in Canada. Frogs and toads can survive the harsh winter months and emerge in the Spring, nutritionally deprived but otherwise unscathed. But the question most people wonder is how these cute, squishy, fragile creatures endure the extreme cold and lack …

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What do Frogs do at Night?

Those noises you hear in the pond behind your home at night in early spring probably are not crickets or ducks – they are more than likely frogs. Frogs thrive at night. This is one reason why frogs are quite active (and loud) once the sun sets. Frogs are nocturnal and spend the night eating, …

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Frog Lifespan: How Long Frogs Live

Toads and frogs can have a much longer lifespan than most people think. I had a pet toad in our yard as a child and he lived to be over 10 years old thanks to privileged access to food, shelter, and a safe environment. On average frogs live 1 to 12 years in the wild …

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What Colleges Offer Herpetology?

While it may be difficult to find a degree program in herpetology, it is certainly not impossible to study herpetology in college.  Many schools, while not offering degrees in herpetology, do offer classes in the topic. Some may even have herpetology labs, or herpetological collections. Some of the top Colleges and Universities offering Herpetology undergraduate …

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